Facebook Home doesn't really revolutionize the way you are communicating with your friends but those Chat Heads and Stickers are surely interesting. Android users are lucky as they are first recipients of this particular feature but iPhone users might need to wait. Till now.

Facebook is rolling out these Chathead and Sticker updates gradually which means some of you might not have these features enabled on your updated Facebook app. Over here at iGB, two of us updated our Facebook apps and we've both got the chat heads and the stickers.

Facebook Chat Heads Enabler and Sticker Enabler Cydia Tweak

But there's a strong chance that you might still not get these features enabled on your Facebook app. Two interesting tweaks, however, are here to enable these features automatically so that you too can enjoy the chathead and stickers.

Facebook Cydia Tweaks

Here's how to get these features onboard:

You'll need to install two tweaks:

  • FB Chat Heads Enabler
  • Facebook Sticker Enabler

There are, thankfully, no settings to configure. All you do is look for these tweaks on Cydia and install them.

And of course, it helps to have the latest version of the Facebook app installed so you first update your existing Facebook app before you get these tweaks installed.

The Facebook Chat Heads is a new feature – tooted to be revolutionary – that makes messaging omnipresent within the Facebook app. Now, when you chat with your friend on Facebook, it appears as an overlay on the default news feed so you can juggle between the two easily. Originally conceived as a part of the Facebook Home suite for Android, the company was quick to release an update to its iOS app that includes this feature. The problem is, it's being released in batches to a few people at a time.

The tweaks work with almost all iOS devices. We tested on iPhones; they're working perfectly.

Both the tweaks are available for free on BigBoss.

Update: There is also MessageBox which puts Facebook Chat Heads on a system-wide basis. Which means you can chat with your friends on Facebook from anywhere on iOS (no need to be stuck on Facebook app every time you have to respond). This is still in beta so there are some quirks. Check out how to install and use MessageBox here.

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