How to Enable/Disable Twitter New Timeline on iPhone to Show Best Tweets at The Top

If Twitter’s new Timeline does not impress you, then you can enable of disable easily. Check out the process we have mentioned in this article for easy access.

Twitter app for iPhone and iPad has received an update. If you haven’t done already, then do it now. Along with the update, there comes a new Timeline, which many would be fascinated about. Twitter’s new timeline sorts out best tweets first on your timeline. This new timeline is certainly good, but for any reason if you want to turn it off, then it’s just a few taps away.

Good news is that the feature has now completely rolled out globally. That means, all you need to do is to check for the updated version in App Store and download it.

How to Enable Disable Twitter New Timeline on iPhone

If you have received it, then you might want to turn it off, in case you use Twitter to get the latest news. If you have the new timeline on, then the best tweets will be shown first. That means, you won’t be getting the latest tweets first and you might miss the gossip around the World. Even though the process is very simple, we have mentioned below detailed instruction, so have a look at it.

How to turn on / off Twitter’s new Timeline on iPhone or iPad:

Step #1. Open the Twitter app on your iPhone / iPad and tap on ‘Me’ located at the bottom-right corner of the app.

Open Twitter app and tap on 'Me' on your iPhone


Step #2. This will bring your profile page, tap on the ‘Settings icon’ (Gear) followed by tapping on “Settings”.

Tap on 'Settings icon' (Gear) followed by tapping on 'Settings'

Step #3. Under Accounts, tap on your Twitter account on which you want to turn on / off the new timeline.

Under Accounts, Tap on your Twitter Account

Step #4. Now go to “Timeline” and then tap on “Timeline personalization”.

Go to 'Timeline' and tap on 'Timeline personalization'

Step #5. Turn on / Turn off button next to “Show me the best Tweets first” to turn on / off the new timeline respectively.

Tap on Turn on or Turn off button next to Show me the best Twitter Tweets first

That’s all; new Timeline is surely amazing but only if you want the best out of the twitter account. If you wish to get the latest update of people you follow, then you might need to scroll down a lot to get to see their Tweets.

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