How to Turn ON Dark Mode on iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR

Like using your iPhone extensively at night? Never fail to turn on dark mode on iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR to not just watch media more comfortably at night but also protect your eyes from straining!

Whenever I decide to catch up with some of my fun-loving videos at night or use the smartphone extensively in the dark environments, I make sure to turn on Dark Mode on my iPhone Xs Max for a couple of main reasons. First and foremost, it enhances the viewing experience and also safeguards the eyes against burning.

And the second, it also slightly extends the battery life. Moreover, OLED display takes full advantage of this feature to bolster your viewing big time. However, you can enable Dark Mode not just on iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max but also on the LCD iPhone XR. Let’s get going!

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How to Enable Dark Mode on iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR

Sticky note: “Smart Invert” aka dark mode has been available since iOS 11. So, you can take advantage of this feature on any of your iPhone or iPad running the supported iOS version. It basically reverses the colors of the display except for media and images to make it more soothing for your eyes to view content.

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your device → Now, tap on General.

Tap on Settings then General on iPhone X

Step #2. Next, you need to tap into Accessibility.

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Tap on Accessibility on iPhone X

Step #3. Tap on Display Accommodations.

Tap on Display Accommodations in iPhone X Settings

Step #4. Next up, you have to tap on Invert Colours.

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Tap on Invert Colours in iPhone X Settings

Step #5. Finally, turn on the switch that’s right next to Smart Invert.

Use Dark Mode on iPhone X

Voila! Check out the display of your iPhone. Doesn’t it look it really cool? Now, go ahead and enjoy movies, videos or browse the web with complete peace of mind.

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There is another feature called “Classic Invert” that’s also very helpful in improving viewing. Unlike Smart Invert, it completely reverses the colors of the display including images and media. I find this feature more suitable for reading articles as it keeps distraction at bay. So, if you want to read your stories with complete peace of mind, Classic Invert would be the way to go.

How to Enable Classic Invert on iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR

Open Settings → General → Accessibility → Display Accommodations → Invert Colors.

Tap on Invert Colors in iPhone X Settings

Now, turn ON Classic Invert.

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Enable Dark Mode on iPhone X

That’s it! You have turned on the vintage grayscale mode on your device.

Wrap up:

So, that’s how you can take the full advantage of invert colors on your new iPhone to read and watch media more comfortably in dark environments. Aside from ramping up your viewing, it can also help the battery last a little longer. That’s what called killing two birds with one stone!

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