How to Use Dark Mode in Safari on Mac

After releasing Dark Mode for Mojave, Apple has released the same for Safari. It is still in beta version, but if you wish to learn how to enable dark mode in websites on Safari, this is the post worth reading.


Apple released the beta version of macOS Mojave 10.14.4 last week. The developer beta version has one great experimental feature in Safari; enable dark mode in websites. As it is a beta version, it is not available to the public and the new Safari feature is not available on the earlier Mojave versions. So, you need to install the latest Mojave beta version on Mac to get your hands on this new experimental feature.

Enabling Dark Mode in the System Preferences in Mojave will automatically trigger Dark Mode in Safari. However, the web developers will need to change their existing website’s CSS with the new prefers-color-scheme query to support the dark mode. That means the website will change its display mode depending on the mode you are using on Mojave.

The same option can be enabled/disabled manually under Safari. That’s precisely what we are going to show you, go through the guide below.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Safari on Mac

Note: Make sure you are running macOS Mojave 10.14.4 and you have enabled develop tab.

Step #1. Open Safari on your Mac.

Step #2. You’ll notice a new menu beside Bookmarks, it is called Develop; click it.

Step #3. Hover your mouse pointer on Experimental Features, and click on Dark Mode CSS Support.

Click on Dark Mode CSS Support in Safari on Mac

That’s it. All websites supporting this feature will automatically display in Dark Mode.

How to Disable Dark Mode in Safari on macOS Mojave 10.14.4

Step #1. You can manually disable the Dark Mode in Safari. To do so, click on Develop menu beside Bookmarks.

Step #2. Navigate your mouse cursor on Experimental Features and then click on Dark Mode CSS Support. Make sure there isn’t the “Correct” tick mark beside it.

That’s all folks! That’s how you enable/disable Dark Mode in Safari.

Wrapping up…

Apple introduced Mojave with a native dark mode for the OS, and now it is Safari’s turn to get a dedicated dark mode for websites. It will be worth watching how web developers react to it and modify their code to support this new Safari feature. With that said, let’s call it a day, and we will be back with some more exciting and knowledgeable posts.

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