How to Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android

While most of us are eagerly awaiting the full-fledged Dark Mode in iOS 13, Facebook has already cashed-in-on the opportunity. Thanks to a slightly hidden trick, you can enable Facebook Messenger dark mode on your iPhone or Android device to relish a long conversation at night.

The moment I stumbled upon this secret feature, I gave it a try. And much to my surprise, it worked pretty well, turning the entire interface into pitch black. Hopefully, the trick works on your device as well. Here you go!

How to Turn ON Facebook Messenger Dark Mode on iPhone and Android

Side Note: Before starting, ensure that Facebook Messenger is updated on your device. Since it’s app related feature, the process remains the same for iOS and Android devices.

Step #1. Launch Facebook Messenger on your device and then open a conversation.

Step #2. Now, tap on the smiley icon and ensure that the Emoji tab is selected. Then, find the ? moon emoji and send it to your friend.

Find moon emoji and send it to your friend in Messenger app

Step #3. Now, the glittering confetti of moons will fill the entire screen.

Next up, you should see a notification at the top saying, “You’ve found dark mode!” Besides, there will be an option to Try it in Settings. Tap on it and you will be taken to the settings.

Tap on Try it in Settings to Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

Step #4. Now, you should see Dark Mode option right at the top. Turn on the switch. Make sure to tap on Done at the top right of the screen to confirm the change.

Turn ON Facebook Messenger Dark Mode on iPhone and Android

Voila! Check out; the entire interface has turned black. Go ahead and enjoy the fun-filled conversation with your close buddy. Your eyes will feel more comfortable now while looking at the screen.

Sticky note: Just in case, even after sending the moon emoji, if you don’t get the option to activate the secret dark mode, force quit Messenger app. Then, launch the app again and hit the moon emoji again. After that, repeat the steps mentioned above.

That’s pretty much it!

Wrapping Up…

I find this new add-on really well timed. It’s surely going to warm the conversation. Let me know your thoughts about it down below in the comments section.

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