iBooks is a great way to read books on your iPhone or iPad (although the iPad is a friendlier device for reading lengthy ebooks). iBooks in iOS 7, flattened though the interface is, brings pretty much the same experience as before. It’s usually smooth, has a few customization options and gives you an organized library to pick your books from.

Given all that, I prefer a continuous scroll to the page-flip feature in iBooks. Not that I’m against skeuomorphism – I actually like the page-flip animation – but when it comes to reading, I want a scroll.

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Enable Continuous Scrolling in iBooks
May be it’s the after-effect of relying too much on read-it-later apps like Instapaper or Pocket but it feels nicer. So how to turn-on continuous scrolling in iBooks on iOS 7.x? Here’s how:

Step 1. Open iBooks

Step 2. Tap on the book/PDF file that’s on your shelf.

Open Book in iBooks on iPhone iPad
Step 3.
Tap on the font icon as shown below.

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Continuous Scrolling in iBooks
Step 4. Now, just swipe the toggle for Scrolling View

Step 5. Wait for a while as the vertical scroller loads. If you start scrolling before this, scroll will show a bit of a lag.

Step 6. Once the scroller loads and marks the position, you can scroll smoothly.

In iOS 6, scrolling view was hidden in themes. Thankfully, the toggle has been brought to the front in iOS 7.x.

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Note that iBooks still retains the page-count, the number of pages left, the bookmarks and all other things. The only thing that changes is the scroller which is now on the vertical-right.

iBooks also include audio books that can be read out aloud from within the iBooks app. In case you want to read out aloud a book that isn’t an audio book, you will have to rely on the VoiceOver feature of iOS 7.x. Here’s how to do that.

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Occasionally, you might face sync issues with iBooks. We’ve covered sync issues between iDevices here.