How to Enable Auto Dark Mode on Mac in macOS 10.15 Catalina

While you are fully engrossed in your work, switching between Dark Mode and Light Mode may seem like a tedious job. But the switch is a necessity for your eyes; so, why not hand over this job to your Mac.

When Apple introduced Dark Mode in macOS Mojave, the feature was loved by almost all Apple users. However, after a few days, many found the task of switching between Dark and Light mode quite laborious. Apple smartly solved the issue by incorporating an Auto Dark Mode with the macOS Catalina update.

In simpler terms, Dark Mode is a feature that uses a light-on-dark color scheme with a black (or dark) background and light-colored texts, icons, and other GUI elements. Whereas, the Light Mode uses a dark-on-light color scheme. When you enable the Auto Dark Mode in macOS Catalina, you allow an automatic switch between the two modes.

Apart from looking good, the light-on-dark scheme lessens the strain on the eyes that is caused due to a bright screen. But when the surrounding light is quite strong, a brighter mode is better for your vision. So, either you manually switch every time or add a Light/Dark Mode Switch or simply allow Mac to auto-switch for you.

How to Turn ON Auto Dark Mode in macOS Catalina

Step #1. Click on the Apple () icon and select System Preferences.

Click on Apple Logo and then click on System Preferences on Mac

Step #2. Select General section in System Preferences.

Click on General in macOS Catalina System Preferences

Step #3. In the Appearance section, Choose Auto to Enable Auto Dark Mode.

Enable Auto Dark Mode in macOS Catalina

From now onwards your Mac will be on Light Mode in the morning and switch to the Dark Mode after sunset. As of now, macOS does not have in-built scheduling options, but you can also make a custom schedule for the dark – light switch in your iPhone/iPad.

That’s it for now, hope you enjoy the Auto Dark Mode

Personally, I prefer Dark Mode more whenever possible. With this mode, the controls and other windows tend to recede, and my work window and context stands out, allowing me to focus solely on them. Therefore, the Auto feature is quite a gem for me, here are a few more tips and tricks for operating your macOS.

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