You might have noticed that certain website keeps suggesting you some or the other thing that you have checked in past. This is because you are viewing a cached version of that web page. You can clear history, cookies, and other data. But by doing that, all your Safari data is deleted. There is an advanced option in Safari by which you can delete just the cached data.

The menu is hidden by default and needs a couple of clicks to unlock it. The Develop menu on Safari in Mac OS X holds developer-focused features. We have got you covered; check the guide below for a detailed step-by-step tutorial.

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How to Empty Safari Cache in Mac OS X

How to Clear Cache in Safari in Mac OS X

Step #1. First things first, open Safari browser on your Mac.

Step #2. If you haven’t got the Develop menu then head to PreferencesAdvanced and “Check” on “Show Develop menu in menu bar”.

Click on Preferences in SafariClick on Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar in Mac

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Step #3. Now close Preferences window and click on the “Develop” menu.

Step #4. From the list of option click on “Empty Caches” and wait for few seconds.

Click on Empty Caches in Safari on Mac

Voila! All the cache files on Safari have been erased and now when you visit any website, Safari will request web pages directly from the server. After clearing cache file, you’ll not receive any warning or confirmation. The job is done in the background. There’s also a keyboard shortcut associated with this function that you can check in the Develop menu.

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