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Adobe's PDF format has been one of the greatest inventions of our times, enabling the fast exchange of documents in pristine order – preserving the look of a file just as they should be.

While the entire thing about PDF files is good, the complexities involved in creating and editing PDF files still looms at large for those of us who can't afford the entire Adobe suite.

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iPhone and iPad PDF Editor AppsFor the Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs, there have been some alternatives that allow you to create PDF files, edit them, splice them, etc.

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But when it comes to the iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices, options appear to be very limited. In fact, from a set of a dozen so-called PDF editors on the App Store, we found that only four of them are really worth the effort and most importantly, the money.

PDF Editor Apps iPhone and iPad to Edit PDF Files

#1. Good Reader

GoodReader iPhone App IconGood Reader for iPhone (and iPad, separately) is probably the best solution when it comes to notating PDF files. It's not a PDF file per se, but it can be used as a PDF editor. Here's how:

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  • You can annotate the PDF files you read on Good Reader. Annotations include sticky text, highlights, lines, arrows, circles, typewritten/hand-drawn notes, etc
  • Now, save or sync the annotated PDF file to Dropbox/Drive/SugarSync (read more about Cloud storage apps for iPhone here)
  • Open the document anywhere else: on another iDevice or PC, and you'll find that the PDF contains all the annotations you've made.

Sure, it's not a direct edit method but if this is all you're looking for, why shell out a lot on other editors? Good Reader costs about $4.99 and has different versions for the iPhone and iPad.

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

Price: $4.99

#2. PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro Edition iPhone App IconDespite the name, PDF “Reader” Pro actually lets you edit, modify and annotate PDF files. The app was listed by Apple under iPhone App for Business, and I guess that's probably quite enough of an introduction you'd need. PDF Reader Pro also combines efficiently the features of “PDF Slicer” (below) and brings a complete PDF editing experience.

Price: $9.99

#3. WritePDF

WritePDF iPhone App IconWritePDF is a simplified albeit enormously powerful PDF editing and annotating tool. It can handle a variety of formats too including spreadsheets and comes with a built-in PDF creator. Again, the basic idea is to modify the PDF than editing it in totality. You also get the ability to fill PDF forms which make signing documents easier with this app.

How to get files:

  • You can edit PDF files, add text on to them, add links, etc.
  • Share through email, Sharefile.com or other SFTP methods.
  • Support for iCloud, Dropbox lets you sync documents easily

Price: $4.99
Download WritePDF

#4. Documents Unlimited Office & PDF Editor

Documents Unlimited Suite for iPhone App IconThis app isn't all that into PDF editing but brings a decent set of PDF editing capabilities. From the official account of the app makers, it is clear that the app has a hit-or-miss chance of opening PDF files and editing them successfully. The app is focused more on documents, so it's fair game here. Cloud support allows you to easily export files.

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Price: $3.99

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