How to Customize Your Memoji in iOS 13 and iPadOS

Apple has introduced some new features to its Memojis in iOS 13. Now creating and editing memojis is more fun for users. This tutorial deals with how you can edit your memoji on iPhone or iPad.

It all began with iPhone X launched in 2017. Apple revolutionized the Messages app as users could create animoji on their devices. Later, Apple introduced Memoji in 2018. With iOS 13, Apple added more fun to this feature. If you have already created customized memoji in iOS 12, it is now time to edit your memoji in iOS 13.

Once you have played around your memoji, you can send memoji sticker to your friends and family. With every iOS update, Apple brings something new in all the features. If you wonder what is new with Memoji in iOS 13, keep reading this post.

How to Edit your Memoji on iPhone and iPad Running iOS 13

First, let’s check what new features Apple has added to iOS 13 Memoji.

There are some new options like skin color, facial hair, makeup, hair designs, and others. To make your Memoji unique, iOS 13 brings sliders to create some wild combinations.

You can create your modern avatar by using some fashion accessories like earrings, piercings, glasses, and others. For tech geeks, they would certainly appreciate the inclusion of AirPods to Memoji. Let people know you have got the best Bluetooth headphones in the world. Your friends, who don’t have AirPods, would undoubtedly send an angry face to you.

How to Edit Memoji in iOS 13 and iPadOS

Memojis is exclusive to iPhone X and 11 Series. If you had already created your memoji in iOS 12 last year, you could use it in the current iOS 13. Moreover, you can customize and edit them if there is any change in your hairstyle or facial features.

Step #1. Launch Messages app on your iPhone or iPad.

Open Messages App on iPhone Running iOS 13

Step #2. Tap on message compose icon from the top right corner.

Tap on Compose in iOS 13 Messages App

Alternatively, you can tap on any current conversation from the Messages list.

Step #3. Now tap on Memoji option from the bottom list, which also includes Photos, App Store, Apple Music, Activity, and others.

Tap on Memoji icon in iOS 13 Messages App

You can now see your newly created Memoji along with Apple’s stock list of Memojis.

Step #4. Tap on three dots, which are first seen before your newly created Memoji.

Tap on Three Dots to Edit Memoji in iOS 13 Messages App

Step #5. There are four options: New Memoji, Edit, Duplicate, and Delete. Now tap on Edit Button to make changes in Mimoji.

Select Edit from Options to Change Memoji in iOS 13 Messages App

Step #6. This opens up the entire menu, which includes Skin, Hairstyle, Brows, Eyes, Head, Nose, Mouth, Ears, Facial Hair, Eyewear, and Headwear (I have used Headwear).

Choose Options to Edit Memoji in iOS 13 Messages App

Step #7. You can make necessary changes in each filter and tap on Done to finish editing of your Memoji.

Tap on Done to Save Customized Memoji in iOS 13 Messages App

That’s all for Memoji editing!

Your take…

Memojis are your unique ways to express your emotions. These are extremely popular among young users of iPhones. Instead of using words, you can use different memojis in your conversations on the Messages app.

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