How to Download Vine Videos on iPhone and iPad

How to Save Vine Videos on iPhone and iPad

In what could be a huge heart-break for millions of Vine users, Twitter decided to shut down “Vine” – the short-form video hosting service on which we all loved sharing six-second-long, looping video clips – in 2017. This decision has left users with a moot question – how to download Vine videos on iPhone, iPad, and computer?

“The end is nigh for Vine, as the popular short-video sharing app owned by Twitter will officially become Vine Camera on Tuesday. Twitter announced three months ago that it would shutter Vine, though it said last month that the service would shift to Vine Camera,” Fortune (January 17, 2017).

The company also announced that the service’s website,, will no longer host new videos and will instead serve as an archive for searching old video clips.

Later Vine was transformed into Vine Camera, a different app allowed users to create 6.5-second looping videos that they can either save or post to Twitter. The app was available for both iOS and Android. However, this app is also gone now. But still, I have found a way to download Vine videos.

Steps to Download Vine Videos

Currently, despite Vine being shut down, the videos have been archived, and you can still view them. You may even download it! Here is how.

Things Needed:

  • Your Vine username (or username of the person whose video you wish to download)
  • A laptop or computer

Step #1. Go to and write your username at the end of the URL.

Go to and add username at the end of the URL on browser
Hit enter on URL bar and you will see all your short Vine videos there
Click on date and you will get perticular dated video

Example: If your username is igeeksblog, the URL should be #2. Hit enter, and you will see all the short Vine videos there.Step #3. Click on the date shown below the video. Step #4. Place your mouse pointer on the video and make sure it starts playing. Now right-click. Click on Save Video As…Save.

Place your mouse pointer on video and do right-click to save video from vine account
Click on Save Video button for savin video on your PC

Now, you may transfer this video to your iPhone or iPad using AirDrop, iTunes, Finder, Cloud storage apps, third party software, etc. If you wish to copy these Vine videos to your Android phone, you can do so by using a compatible cable.

Signing off…

I extensively tried to find a website or app that still works and allows us to download Vine videos on iOS devices. I thought if a site exists, I can use iOS apps like MyMedia or Documents and download Vine videos just like we easily download Twitter videos on iPhone or iPad, Android and Computer. But, nothing worked. If you know of any other way, share that in the comments below.

Also, we have heard that Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann is working on an app/service named Byte that is currently in a closed beta with community members from a Byte dedicated forum who were invited to test the app. It is expected to be made publicly available sometime in 2020. Until then, lets us work with what we have!

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