Pet peeve: iOS 7 Safari does not have a download manager. No, cut that. The pet peeve should be that you can't download much in Mobile Safari. Folks who are new to jailbreaking (and tweaks) would be interested in looking for ways to overcome this limitation.

Safari Download Manager and Safari Download Enabler both come as excellent tweaks that'll not only help you download stuff off the web (like images and videos) from iOS 7 Safari but also manage them easily. Safari Download Enabler got updated recently to support iOS 7 and ARM64 devices. We take a look.

How to Manage Downloads in iOS 7 Safari Using Safari Download Enabler Cydia Tweak

Safari Download Enabler is the free cousin of SDM and in many ways, very similar to the latter. The tweak helps you download images and videos (HTML 5 videos are supported now) from websites that you browse on Safari. And to top it, it also helps you access the filesystem (like iFile) and manage the downloads from a dedicated section of Safari app. If you view a lot of media-heavy websites and would like to download images and videos, this is your ticket.

Once you install Safari Download Enabler, there are a bunch of things you can do. If you've used SDM or the previous versions of SDE already, you'd be familiar with these.

To Download an Image/Link:

  • Tap and hold

To Download a Video that's Playing:

  • Shake the iPhone and the file that's playing will be downloaded

To View Downloads:

  • Tap and hold on the bookmarks icon (you have to tap and hold)

(If there's a download going on, then you will be shown the real-time downloading list. If all downloads are complete and there's no download in queue, you will see the file browser containing all the files you have downloaded so far through Safari).

  • If you want to switch between the file list and the download manager window, just swipe right/left on the title bar (that reads /var/mobile or Downloads)

To Save or Open a Downloaded File:

  • You can save a downloaded file (to any other folder). Tap and hold to open the Save option.
  • When you tap and hold, you can also open the file in any other external app.

Safari Download Enabler is a tweak that you should definitely have. That is, if you want to save images, media, links and videos from Safari easily.

Safari Download Enabler is free on the BigBoss repo.

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  • inknzvl

    This 2 tweaks download at very slow speeds. Any other alternatives to download faster? Tip: I use good reader app to download from YT at full speed but don’t work on other sites.