Along with Chrome, Safari remains one of my favorite web browsers both on Mac and iOS devices. Hence, I’m always curious about the upcoming features of Apple’s web browsers and like testing them in advance. If you also have a keep eye for forthcoming features, Download Safari Technology preview for your Mac.

For that unfamiliar, Safari Technology Preview was launched in 2016. The tool is basically designed for advanced users and web developers to assist them in testing and experimenting the upcoming features, which are soon going to be introduced in Safari for both macOS and iOS devices.

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How to Download Safari Technology Preview on Mac

How to Download Safari Technology Preview on Mac

Step #1. First and foremost, head over to the Safari Developer download page.

Step #2. Now, you need to find the “Safari Technology Preview” on the page and download the compatible dmg file for your Mac.

Download Safari Technology Preview on Mac

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Save Safari Technology Preview File on Mac

Step #3. Next, you need to install the Safari Technology Preview by following the usual steps. Simply double-click on the DMG file and follow the instructions. You will also need to agree to the terms and conditions.

Agree to Terms and Conditions to Install Safari Technology Preview

Install Safari Technology Preview on Mac

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Step #4. Once you have successfully installed the file, you can find the Safari Technology Preview in the Applications folder on your Mac.

Safari Technology Preview on Mac

You can use both Safari and this tool at once on your computer. So, open the web browser and explore all the upcoming features and improvements. And if find anything special, do let us know that.

How to Update Safari Technology Preview on Mac

From time to time, Apple keeps on releasing improvements and bug fixes for Safari Technology Preview. You can update it from your Mac App Store.

Step #1. Open App Store on your Mac.

Step #2. Click on Updates.

Step #3. Now, click on Update next to Safari Technology Preview icon.

That’s it!

Wrapping up

So, that’s how you can keep a tab on the forthcoming features in Safari for both macOS and iOS. Have any question or feedback? Shoot it in the comments below.

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