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Viber is a great way to communicate that lets you save on your talktime while making use of the data. Viber continues to be one of the most popular platform for making VoIP calls (barring Skype).

Besides calls, Viber is also a great platform to exchange messages. You can send text messages, audio note and even video messages just like you can do on Whatsapp, the other solid competitor to Viber.

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How to Save Viber Photos and Videos to iPhone Camera Roll

Viber, by default, stores pictures and videos sent via the app to the Photos app (Camera Roll). This is the default feature but there might be cases where you disable the thing via Viber → Settings. → Media → Save to Gallery.

When you install Viber, the system asks you if you want to give access (of Camera Roll) to Viber. If you canceled this, irrespective of what you choose at Save to Gallery in Viber Settings, the photos don't get saved to Camera roll.

How to save video messages and other media files in Viber to the iPhone's Camera Roll

Let's first clear out the Viber settings:

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Step #1. Open Viber on iPhone/iPad.

Step #2. Tap on the More menu on the bottom

Step #3. Now, tap on Settings.

Step #4. Tap on Media

Step #5. Switch ON Save to Gallery.

How to Save Viber Video Messages to iPhone Camera Roll

So now Viber will try to save all media to the Gallery (Camera Roll). Now, there's just one thing you have to clear out:

Step #1. Go to iPhone Settings.

Step #2. Now, head over to Privacy.

Step #3. Tap on Photos. You see the list of apps that access the Photos from the Camera roll and elsewhere. You should see Viber in this list. And if it's turned OFF, this is what is preventing video messages being saved to Camera roll.

Step #4. Turn the switch next to Viber ON.

That's it. Now, the videos and photos from Viber should get saved to the Camera Roll automatically.

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Try it and do share your feedback with us in the comment, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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  • Eugenia

    all the photos are saved immediately, but i can’t save video even after checking all these settings. Please tell what to do?

    • The post has been updated. There’s an extra step Viber → Settings. → Media → and switch on Save to Gallery. Let me know if it is working or not.

  • Sara

    Photos are getting saved but nt videos….plz help…

  • Bella

    my photos are automatically saving onto my gallary but video nope:(((

  • Bella

    plz help me to download a video from viber

    • We’re waiting for a word/update from the developers so that videos get
      saved in iOS 8 too. In the meanwhile, check your videos album to see if
      the videos are getting saved there (not a possibility but just in case
      things change, this is where your Viber videos should technically get

  • Parisa

    Before I could save video on gallery but now just my photo saving.

    • Farid

      on i.o.s 7 it was possible but on i.o.s 8 or later it’s not possible. i think it’s an iphone issue. must waiting for solution.

  • Kimoo

    Yes it only works for photos. I am not able to save any video with IOS 8. Plz help

    • We’ll have to wait for the app to be updated so that the developer can add that feature.

  • Fred

    These instructions only work for photos. Videos are not saved with IOS 8