How to Download iPadOS 13.4.5 Beta 1 on iPad

What better way to foresee the future of Apple's tablet than install iPadOS 13.4.5 developer beta 1 on iPad and put every hyped feature to the acid test. Let's jump straight to get going!

iPadOS 13 seems to be well-timed for iPad. By introducing a desktop-class web browsing and top-notch file management system, the operating system has tried to cover most of the demands.

To discover whether or not Apple has succeeded in its effort, it makes sense to download and install iPadOS 13.4.5 beta 1 on the iPad and put all the new features to the test. Of course, it’s still too early to expect high-end performance from the operating system. However, even the biggest detractors would have to admit that it does look quite promising.

A Piece of Advice: Before rushing with the steps, do not forget to back up your iPad and secure all of your essential files. Unfortunate things do tend to catch us when we least expect them to. Therefore, I would strongly suggest you take the backup of your iPad.

How to Download and Install iPadOS 13.4.5 Developer Beta 1 on iPad

As for compatibility, iPadOS has the support for iPad Mini 4 and later as well as all the iPad Pro models. Besides, you must ensure that your Mac is running macOS Catalina. That being said, let’s get on with the steps!

Step #1. To get going, head over to Apple developer page and download restore image for respective iPad model.

Download iPadOS Developer Beta

Step #2. Connect your iPad to your Mac and fire up Finder.

Step #3. Next, you have to click on the device icon at the upper left corner.

Click on iPad in Finder on Mac

Step #4. Next up, press and hold the Option key and then click on “Restore iPad.”

Step #5. Up next, you need to choose the beta to restore the image and hit Open to start the process of installing it.

Now, wait for the restore image to install perfectly. Once it’s done, go through the basic activation process. After that, you are all set.

That’s done!

Over To You…

Even though the iPad always had top-notch hardware, it lacked a solid OS that could enable it to take on more capable laptops. But with the tech giant finally adding a more efficient operating system designed specifically for the tablet, things eventually appear to look better.

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