While using Facebook, I often come across funny videos shared by my friends. To ensure I’m able to catch up with those great clips at my own convenient time– even without the Internet, I make sure to save them. Since the process of downloading Facebook videos on iPhone and iPad was a bit complex, I had been craving for a more straightforward way to get it done. And guess what? Thanks to a handy app named “MyMedia,” saving Facebook videos on the iOS device has now become a tad easier than ever before!

I’ve been using this file manager app to not just take control of files but also download the clips that catch my eyes. If you are like me, jump over to start expanding your huge library of hilarious videos.

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How to Download Facebook Video on iPhone and iPad

How to Download Facebook Videos on iOS Device

Step #1. First and foremost, download MyMedia on your iOS device. It’s available for free and requires iOS 9 or later.

Download MyMedia App on iOS device

Step #2. Now, launch Facebook on your iOS device and head over to the video you wish to download.

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Step #3. Next, tap on the Share button and select Copy Link.

Tap on Share button and select Copy Link in iOS Facebook App

Step #4. Next up, launch MyMedia app and make sure Browser tab is selected, if it’s not already.

Open iOS MyMedia app and tap on Browser tab

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Step #5. Next, head over to pickvideo.net using the built-in browser.

Then, select Facebook from the list of options.

Head over to pickvideo and Select Facebook in iOS MyMedia App

Step #6. Next up, paste the link you have just copied. Simply touch and hold the text field and tap on Paste. Then, hit the Download button.

Paste Facebook Video link and tap on Download

Step #7. Up next, scroll down a bit and select the preferred size of the video and then hit the Download button ⟶ tap on Download the file.

Tap on Download and then Select Download the file in iOS MyMedia app

Step #8. Now, enter the name of the file and tap on Save. Once the video has been downloaded, tap on Back at the top right.

Enter Video Name and Tap on Save

Step #9. Next, tap on Media tab at the bottom.

Tap on Media tab in iOS MyMedia app

Step #10. Tap on the video name and select Save to Camera Roll in the menu.

Tap on video name and select Save to Camera Roll

That’s all there is to it!

You have successfully downloaded and saved Facebook videos to your Camera Roll. Now, you can head to the Photos app ⟶ Albums tab ⟶ Videos folder to check out your clip.

How to Save Facebook Videos to Watch Later on iPhone and iPad

What if you just want to save videos to catch them later? There is a way to get your favorite clips to view at your own convenient time. And for it, you don’t need to take the help of any third-party app.

Step #1. Open Facebook on your iOS device and go to the video you wish to save.

Step #2. Now, tap on the video to play.

Step #3. Next, tap on the three dots at the top of the video.

Tap on Three Dots in Facebook Video on iPhone

Step #4. Next up, tap on Save video.

Save Facebook Video on iPhone to View it Later

Your clip has been saved. At any time you wish to watch those clicks, launch the app → tap on more button at the bottom of the screen → tap on Saved.

Tap on Saved in FaceBook on iPhone or iPad

View Saved Video in FaceBook on iPhone

Next, you should all of your saved posts. If you don’t find the video there, simply tap on the Videos tab to easily access all of those saved clips.

Video: How to Download Facebook Video on Your iPhone and iPad

That’s all!

Wrapping up:

So, that’s the easiest way to save some of your favorite Facebook videos to your iOS device! Have any feedback? Feel free to let us know that in the comments below.

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