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How to Download Movies and Shows in Disney+ App on iPhone and iPad

How to Download Disney Plus Shows and Movies on iPhone or iPad

Disney+ is not all about cartoon movies but it has a lot more to offer. Right from the Star Wars to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and from the Pixar franchise to FX networks, it has something for everyone. If you’ve already got your Disney+ subscription, you’re sure to download your favorite Disney Plus movies and TV shows to watch offline on your iPhone or iPad. Let’s follow this detailed tutorial and manage your downloads on Disney Plus iOS app.

How to Download Disney Plus Shows and Movies on iPhone or iPad

To make it simple, we’ve compiled a separate guide for each use. Let’s have a glimpse at them right away!

Quick Access: 

Download Disney+ Movies to Watch Offline

Step #1. Open Disney+ App on your iPhone or iPad. Search for a movie that you want to download.

Step #2. Now, tap on the Download button that appears next to Play and Add to Watchlist options. 

Step #3. Once done, tap on X icon from the upper right corner to return to the Disney+ App’s home screen. 

That’s how simple it is to download movies on Disney+ app on your iPhone and iPad. Let’s now see how you can download your favorite TV shows using Disney Plus iOS app. 

Download Disney+ TV Shows to Watch Offline

Step #1. Launch the Disney+ App and search for a TV show or series that you want to download. 

Step #2. To download all seasons of a particular TV show, tap on download icon that is next to the season number. 

Step #3. If you want to download a single episode, tap on the download button that is next to the episode’s title and info option. 

Step #4. You can now tap on X icon from the upper right corner to return back to Disney+ TV shows catalog. 

Manage Downloads in Disney Plus App on iOS Device

Once you’ve downloaded your favorite movies and shows, the next step is to manage them on your iPhone and iPad. Here’s how to do it. 

Step #1. Launch the Disney+ App on your iOS device. Now tap the Downloads tab from the bottom of the screen in the menu bar. 

Step #2. If you’re downloading a movie, you can easily pause, stop or remove the download just with a tap on it. The same implies to episode downloads as well. 

Step #3. To delete a movie from the downloads list, swipe left on a movie to delete it. 

Step #4. If you’re downloading multiple episodes of a show or series and you want to delete them, tap on the series option from the download list and tap on Edit. Now, tap the checkbox of the episode you want to delete or select all boxes if you want to delete all. Once done, tap on Trash Can button from the bottom of your screen. 

Step #5. If you have already watched a downloaded movie and want to delete it, go to the downloads section and tap on the Phone icon that appears next to Movie or Show title. Now tap on Remove Download option which appears at the bottom of the screen. 

Managing and removing the downloads can free up a lot of space on your iPhone or iPad. So keep an eye on what you download and what you’ve watched to date so that you never run out of space. 

Summing Up…

We hope you enjoyed reading this detailed guide and it will now be easy for you to download movies on Disney+ and of course, your favorite TV shows and series as well. 

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So which movie or TV series is your favorite on Disney+? Share your feedback with us in comment section.

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