Earlier you could download apps with up to 100MB in size on your cellular, but with the introduction of iOS 11, Apple has pushed the limit to 150MB. What if you don’t have access to Wi-Fi and wish to break this boundary to download apps larger than 150MB over mobile data?

Turns out, there is a simple trick to overcome the barrier and install larger apps like PUBG MOBILE (903.1 MB) Pages (427 MB), Numbers (399 MB), and Keynote (630 MB), etc. using mobile data on an iOS device. Let me show you how it works.

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How to Download Apps Larger Than 150MB Using Mobile on iPhone and iPad

How to Download Apps Larger Than 150MB without WiFi in iOS 11 or Later

You can bypass the restriction by moving the date and time forward on your device.

Step #1. First off, open App Store and head over to the app you wish to download. Then, tap on GET button. Next, confirm using your Face ID, Touch ID or password.

Tap on App Over 150 MB on App Store on iPhone or iPad

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Step #2. Now, you will receive a notification saying “this item is over 150MB” and therefore it “may not download until you connect to Wi-Fi.” Don’t worry, tap on OK. Now, go the Home screen.

Tap on OK To Download App Over 150 MB on iPhone using Mobile Data

Step #3. The app icon should appear on your home screen until you connect to Wi-Fi.

iPhone Home Screen with App Waiting to Download

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Step #4. Next, launch Settings app → Tap on General.

Tap on Settings then General on iPhone or iPad

Step #5. Select Date & Time.

Tap on Date & Time in iPhone Settings

Step #6. Next up, turn off the switch next to Set Automatically.

Turn Off Set Date and Time Automatically on iPhone or iPad

Step #7. Now, tap the Date and then move it 1-2 days forward.

Set Forward Date on iPhone or iPad to Download App Over 150MB Over Mobile Data

That’s done!

Now, you have to wait for a few moments for the download to get started. Next, let the download process be completed successfully. Once it’s done, launch the app and start using it as usual.

After you have downloaded the app, go back to the Settings → General → Date & Time and then turn on the switch next to Set Automatically.

Over to you

I download power-packed apps mostly using Wi-Fi. However, there are times when I have no other option but use cellular data to get the work done. And in such situation, I use this hack to get over the line. What’s your take on it?

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