How to Install macOS High Sierra Public Beta on Your Mac

Getting ready to try out macOS High Sierra public beta? You have to first register your account for the public beta testing program in order to download and install macOS High Sierra public beta on your Mac.

macOS High Sierra public beta has been rolled out. As a Mac user, many of you would be lining up for the latest macOS to explore all the new features. To download and install macOS High Sierra on your Mac, you have to first register your account for the public beta program.

In case you had already joined a public beta program in the past, you won’t need to sign up for macOS High Sierra. You just need to sign in with your Apple ID and enroll your device. Make sure you have the latest backup of your Mac (Apple menu → System Preferences → Time Machine). Besides, I would suggest installing the beta on your secondary device as the macOS still needs some more polish to run smoothly.

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How to Download and Install macOS High Sierra

How to Sign Up for the macOS High Sierra public Beta

Step #1. Open Safari on your Mac and head over to

Step #2. Next, you have to click on Sign up.

Note: Just in case you are already signed up for a previous public beta, click on Sign in and directly jump over to “How to enroll your Mac.”

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Step #3. Now, you have to enter your Apple ID and password. Then, click Sign in.

Step #4. Next up, make sure macOS tab is selected.

Step #5. Now, scroll down and click on enroll your device link that is under Get Started section.

Step #6. Click on macOS High Sierra public beta profile button that is under Download the public beta access utility to start the download process.

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Step #7. Next, Save the beta profile on your desktop.

How to Download and Install macOS High Sierra Public Beta

Step #1. Open the beta profile you have just downloaded.

Then, double-click the package to run the installer.

Step #2. Once the installer has finished downloading, the Mac App Store will open to the Updates section.

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Step #3. Next, click Update to download and install the public beta software. When the software has been downloaded, your computer will automatically restart.

Note: In case the public doesn’t show up on the Updates list, restart your Mac and then launch the Mac App Store and click the Updates tab.

Step #4. Once macOS High Sierra Public Beta has been downloaded, it will automatically open. If the beta profile doesn’t, open it.

Step #5. Click Continue at the bottom.

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If you didn’t make a backup, click Continue in the dropdown. If you have already backed up, your device, click Cancel.

Step #6. Next up, you have to click Continue at the bottom when your backup completes or if you skipped it.

Step #7. Click on Agree to accept the terms and conditions and then click Agree again to confirm.

Step #8. Click on the drive you wish to install onto.

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Step #9. Click Install and enter your administrator password.

Step #10. Click OK and then hit Restart.

Wrapping up

Has High Sierra been able to catch your eyes? If yes, which are the features you have liked in it? Share your feedback in the comments.

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