How to Downgrade from tvOS 13 to tvOS 12 on Apple TV

Don't like the latest tvOS on your Apple TV? Well, we're here with a solution. Read this detailed guide on how to downgrade tvOS 13 to tvOS 12 on Apple TV HD now. I wish there was a way to do the same on Apple TV 4K as well.

There might be several reasons to get back from tvOS 13 to tvOS 12 on your Apple TV. Be it the latest features, options, new interface or maybe you’re just addicted to the tvOS 12 version on your Apple TV. Just in case, if you’re planning to downgrade tvOS 13 to 12 on your Apple TV 4K, let me tell you that it’s not possible as it doesn’t have the USB-C port. And without that, it’s not possible to connect it with the Mac for downgrading process.  

But if you’re planning to downgrade the latest tvOS 13 to 12 on your Apple TV HD, there’s a way out! You can easily do it by using your Mac system and connecting your Apple TV HD with a USB-C cable. Let’s how it works!

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How to Downgrade tvOS 13 to tvOS 12 on Apple TV HD using your Mac

To start with, ensure that you have the USB-C cable ready with you to connect your Mac and Apple TV HD. So here’s how to start the process. 

Step #1. Download the latest and public version of tvOS 12 available and then save the file on your Mac’s desktop

Step #2. Once done, it’s now time to connect your Apple TV HD to your Mac using a USB-C cable. 

Step #3. Now, launch Finder on your Mac if your system is running on macOS Catalina beta or launch iTunes on your Mac if it’s running on macOS Mojave!

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Step #4. Select the Apple TV icon from Locations in Finder or select if from the top-left corner of the iTunes if your system is running on macOS Mojave. 

Step #5. Next, click on Restore TV and simultaneously hold down the Option Key on your Mac. 

Step #6. Now when it asks you to select a file, pick the one which you downloaded and saved on the desktop, the tvOS 12 file

Once done, the extraction of the tvOS 12 files begins. And if the files are extracted successfully, set up the Apple TV once again. You can now remove the USB-C cable once the process of setting up is done on your device. 

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Note: Right when the downgrading process is done, you’ll be asked to reinstall all the apps on your Apple TV HD because this process will erase everything from your Apple TV. So be ready to install everything again once the downgrading process from tvOS 13 to tvOS 12 is completed. 

Summing Up…

I hope it’s now easy for you to get back from tvOS 13 to tvOS 12. I wish there was a way for Apple TV 4K users too, but we’ll have to wait for that. Let us know in the comments if you face any issues when you follow the process given above. 

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