Undoubtedly, watchOS 3 is a huge upgrade from the previous version. With seven times faster speed, iOS-style Control Center, all new touch keyboard, much-improved performance and redesigned UI, the watchOS has finally been designed to thrill, hasn't it?

Seeing the attractive features, I couldn't hold myself back from installing the watchOS 3 beta on my Apple Watch. However, due to some bugs, it's not working as smoothly as I would have liked. Therefore, I've decided to go back to the previous version at least for the time being.

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How to Downgrade watchOS 3 to watchOS 2 on Apple Watch

Do you also want to return to watchOS 2? Let's dive ahead to get it done!

Make sure to check out these points before moving ahead with the process:

#1. The Apple Watch, which has been updated to watchOS beta, can't be restored to the previous version without assistance from Apple Support.

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#2. You will have to send your watch to Apple for the service.

#3. Apple will restore the current GM version of watchOS.

#4. It takes up to 3 business days for the watch to be serviced.

#5. Apple authorized Service Providers as well as Apple Retail Stores can't carry out this service.

#6. Currently, this service is available only in a few countries such as USA, UK, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Australia.

How to Downgrade from watchOS 3 to watchOS 2 on Apple Watch

Step #1. Head over to Apple Support page.

Step #2. Next up, you need to select “Apple Watch” as shown in the screenshot below.

Step #3. Now, you have to select “Send in For Service.”

Step #4. Click on Setup & Usage.

Step #5. Next, you have to select Updating my Apple Watch OS.

Step #6. Tap on Talk to Apple Support Now.

Step #7. Up next, you will have to enter the serial number. (On your Apple Watch, go to Settings → General  → About → Scroll down and check out the serial number.)

Now, you will need to ship your smartwatch to Apple for Service. It will take minimum 3 business days to downgrade your wearable device to the previous version.

That's all!

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