AirPlay was introduced in iOS 5. With AirPlay, you could send audio and video on your iPhone or iPad to AppleTV which would then stream it to your television. It was one of those amazing moments when Apple integrated your iDevice and your television.

AirPlay Mirroring is when you stream the display – whatever is on screen – of your iDevice to any AirPlay-receiving device. We can now stream/mirror iPhone displays to your Mac or PC using third-party software. Here’s how to do that.

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How to Mirror My iPhone to Mac AirPlay Mirroring on iOS 7-x

AirPlay mirroring to your television is easy. AppleTV is, by default, an AirPlay receiver. Once your iPhone/iPad and AppleTV are connected to the same Wi-fi network, you can connect your iDevice to AppleTV.

To Do Mirroring On your iPhone/iPad:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the home screen to bring up the Control Center, and you should see AirPlay.
  • Tap on it, select the AppleTV device
  • Turn on Mirroring. The content on your iPhone should start appearing on your TV.

Turn on AirPlay Mirroring on iOS 7.x on iPhone & iPad

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But, how to display the iPhone/iPad screen on my Mac/PC?

For this, we need to make the Mac/PC behave like an AirPlay receiver (like the Apple TV). The only way to do is to use third-party software. There are a lot of them.

Software to AirPlay Mirror your iPhone/iPad to Mac/PC:

KODI lets you AirPlay audio and video, but it doesn’t support mirroring as yet. We haven’t tested the beta builds (you might if you are the tinkerer type).

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So here are the basic/general steps:

  • Install Reflector / AirServer / X-Mirage
  • Once installed, run the app on your Mac/PC. Silently, it will turn the computer into an AirPlay receiver.
  • Make sure iPhone/iPad and the computer are connected to the same network on Wi-fi.
  • Open Control Center on your iDevice. Tap on AirPlay.

Turn on Airplay from Control Center on iDevice in iOS 7.x

  • Select the Mac/PC
  • Turn on Mirroring

Turn on Mirroring from iDevice

  • Your iPhone/iPad display should now be mirrored on your Mac/PC via the third-party app.

How to Troubleshoot AirPlay Mirroring Issues on iPhone/iPad

You will occasionally run into a few issues with AirPlay. Here are some tips to troubleshoot:

If you don’t see an AirPlay button in the Control Center, try the following:

  • Make sure all your devices are on the same network
  • Make sure the AirPlay app is running on your Mac/PC
  • Turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone/iPad

Also, your device needs to be compatible. All mid-2011 Macs and newer models will support AirPlay. And with iOS devices, iPhone 4s and newer and iPad 2 and newer (all iPad minis) support AirPlay. Make sure the device is running iOS 7.1 or newer.

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