One thing really good about the fact that we can jailbreak iOS 8.x is that you get Cydia tweaks that will disable WhatsApp’s read receipts. We’ve already covered that, yes, with WhatsApp Read Receipt Disabler, but here’s another tweak that lets you do the same.

Called WhatsApp Black List, the tweak works just like Read Receipt Disabler but instead of not giving you any options, this tweak puts a toggle/switch in WhatsApp settings. Here’s more about the tweak.

Disable WhatsApp Read Receipts on iPhone

You all know about what WhatsApp recently did. It pushed an over-the-air update that let users know when a person has ‘read’ their message in WhatsApp. Two blue ticks indicate the read-receipt. What is particularly annoying about this feature is that you can’t turn it off. And you can’t go back to an older version of WhatsApp (or stop the auto-update) because this was an OTA.

WhatsApp Black List makes sure that you can disable the read receipt. Once you install and enable it, people who send messages to you will stop seeing blue ticks even if you’ve read their messages. Is it tested and working fine? You bet it is.

Here’s how to disable WhatsApp read receipts on iPhone running iOS 8.x or earlier:

  • Install WhatsApp Black List via Cydia
  • Open WhatsApp
  • Tap on Settings from the bottom menu
  • Tap on Chat Settings
  • You should see a Do Not Send Read Receipts toggle. Switch that ON.Disable WhatsApp Read Receipts with WhatsApp Black List
  • Quit WhatsApp and re-open it again.

Although it works as intended, you should test it out with a friend or family before confirming that it works.
Since a lot of people want to disable this little feature that WhatsApp pushed, I’m sure many more developers would be coming out with tweaks that will turn off read receipts in WhatsApp. The developer of WhatsApp Black List notes that more specific features will be added in some time (features like blocking read receipts on a per-contact basis and more).

WhatsApp, for its part, has not said anything about read-receipts so far although there’s some rumor that indicates that WhatsApp might push an update with toggles for turning off read-receipts.

WhatsApp Black List is up on BigBoss repo for free.

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