How to Disable Twitter Video Autoplay Function in Mac OS X [From App and Web]

It is recommended to turn off Twitter video auto-play function on Mac OS X if you are tethering data from your iPhone or iPad. You can check the process we have mentioned.

Apple Mac books are a perfect companion while traveling; the only problem is that we might not be able to carry our office or home router along with it to get seamless internet connectivity. We often rely on our iPhone or iPad to tether our data plans with Mac book. Now again we have one more problem and that is data consumption. One of the villain in this case would be the latest version of the Twitter app that auto-play video on your Mac OS X.

If you haven’t disabled this feature in Twitter app, then you might have serious data consumption because of the automatic video streaming. So make sure you don’t waste your money and data on useless videos, just check out how to disable this feature and enjoy the videos only that you like.

How to Disable Twitter Video Autoplay on Mac

How to Turn Off Twitter Video Auto-play Function in Mac OS X [on Twitter App]

Step #1. Open the Twitter app on your Mac OS X.

Step #2. Now pull down the “Twitter Menu” and go to Preferences.

Click on Preferences in Twitter App on Mac

Step #3. Under Preferences menu, click on “General” → Simply uncheck the box next to “Video autoplay“.

Disable Twitter Video Autoplay in Twitter App on Mac

Turn Off Twitter Video Autoplay Function in Browser

Step #1. Open in any browser on your Mac/PC.

Step #2. Click on your profile Icon → Click on Settings.

Click on Settings in Twitter on Mac

Step #3. Scroll to heading named “Content” → Uncheck Video Autoplay → Click  on Save changes.

Turn Off Twitter Video Autoplay Function in Browser

Voila! From now on Twitter won’t auto-play any video until you tap the Play button. The process is as simple as disabling the same thing on iPhone/iPad. You’ll now be able to save your bandwidth as well as avoid the embarrassment of any dirty video being played automatically.

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