How to Disable/Hide Facebook Messenger “Seen” on iPhone

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“Seen” is an annoying feature for people who are very concerned about their privacy on Facebook. If someone sends you a message and you open that via the Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone, the sender will get a “seen” notice. This tells the sender that you’ve seen the message.

If you don’t want this to happen – that is, you read the message but do not let the sender know that you’ve read the message – there was no way to get this done. However, there’s a cool new workaround that can just come in handy. It’s an app called, Unread.

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How to Turn Off Facebook Messenger 'Seen' on iPhone

Unread is an iOS app that will help you disable the “seen” message from being shown to the sender. If you get a Facebook message, you can use Unread to view/read the message without letting the sender know that you’ve read it.

The way it works is simple: Unread is not a Facebook Messenger alternative. It’s just an app that fetches the messages from Facebook’s server and shows it to you. It’s more like an interface where you can just read Facebook messages.

There are two disadvantages to this:

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  1. You can’t use Unread as a chat client for Facebook messenger. In fact, Unread is just a read-only client. You cannot send any messages through it.
  2. Unread enforces a limit on the number of messages you can read. You will have to unlock the $2.99 in-app to get to read all messages.

While Unread is a simple and easy way to prevent the “seen” notice, it is a slightly tedious workaround. In a typical use case, you will get a message, open Unread to read it, then open Facebook Messenger to send replies in case you want to send a reply.

For those that are extremely cautious about their privacy, Unread can be really useful despite the limitations and price.

Price: $2.99 [Free for limited time]
Download Unread

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