Music is the soul of our existence and it washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. Thanks to Berthold Auerbach, who eulogized music and musicians all over the world. After launching Music app, Apple has witnessed manifold increase in its popularity.

People also love to listen to music through different audio apps – some local and some international audio apps. Normally, we listen to music by using hands-free so that others don’t get disturbed. This innocuous or unwitting act of us gives iDevice some insight.

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How to Turn Off Suggested Audio App from iPhone Lock Screen

Your device remembers the audio app you played last or you tend to play frequently. Hence, the next time you insert hands-free into your device, it shows an icon of that audio app frequently played by you. The reason is simple: you can directly go to the app from a locked screen. Gently press the audio app on a locked screen and swipe up; enter the passcode and you will be landed on the app directly.

But there are users who don’t want to see that app on locked screen. For this, you can disable suggested audio app from lock screen.

How to Turn Off Suggested Audio App iOS 9 from iPhone Lock Screen

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone → Tap on App and iTunes Stores.

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App and iTunes Settings on iPhone

You will see a section of SUGGESTED APPS below Use Cellular Data option.

Step #2. Toggle Installed Apps OFF.

Disable Suggested Audio App from iPhone Lock Screen

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Now you can check that the locked screen will not show audio app when you insert hands-free into your iPhone.