How to Disable Location History in Facebook on iPhone: Protect Your Privacy and Save Battery Life

Facebook released a new update for its mobile app. In reference to that, we have given a guide on how to disable location history in Facebook in order to protect privacy and also save your iPhone battery life.

Facebook app has been kind of a villain to your battery life. There were certain bugs that used to eat up your battery even when you are not on the app. These bugs are now fixed by Facebook, and the update claims to solve the battery drain issue caused by Facebook iPhone app.

After going through the bug report, one thing to notice was that, even if you have closed the Facebook app, it would keep tracking your location. This cannot be termed as a bug, rather a spy script from Facebook. Whatever it may be, it is now resolved.

Facebook’s another feature Nearby Friends automatically turns on location history. The feature is currently available in select areas so this guide will be helpful to those who have this feature on their iOS devices.

Here we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to disable location history in Facebook. There are two reasons behind doing this: First, it saves your battery and second is your privacy.

How to Stop Facebook From Tracking Your Location History on iPhone

From Facebook App Itself

Step #1. Launch Facebook app from your home screen.

Step #2. Tap on More, located bottom-right of your screen.

Tap More in Facebook iPhone AppStep #3. Now tap on Nearby Friends (this feature is available in a select areas).

Step #4. Now tap on the gear icon and choose Location Settings.

Step #5. Turn off Location History by tapping it.

Once you have done it from Facebook official app, it’s now time to restrict Facebook app to track your location using iOS settings.

Disable Facebook Location Tracking from iPhone

Step #1. Enter the Settings app from Home screen.

Open Settings App on Your iPhoneStep #2. Now tap on Privacy.

Tap on Privacy on iPhoneStep #3. Tap on Location Services → Facebook.

Tap on Location Services Then Facebook on iPhone

Step #4. There will be three options to choose from: Never While Using the App and Always. Tap on Never.

Turn Off Facebook Location Service from iPhone(You can also select “While using the App”, but if you are concerned about your privacy more than battery life, it is recommended to turn this feature to “Never”).

Watch out how to disable location history in Facebook on iPhone:

Facebook will no longer keep track of your location. There’s a drawback to it, you will not be able to include a location in your post, check in or check nearby places. Another workaround for this issue is that you can change the option “While Using the App” and later when you are done, change it back to “Never”.

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