How to Disable iPhone Calls on Mac and iPad

Continuity call relay is a great feature from Apple as this feature allows users to answer a phone call from devices like iPhone, iPad or Mac. This gives you liberty to receive any calls on any device. For example, if you have received any call on your iPhone, and if your iPhone is not close enough, you can receive that call from your Mac or iPad, which could be handy. But this feature becomes a headache when all devices start ringing simultaneously. This is when you feel the need to switch off Continuity call relay feature. You can get rid of this irritation by following a simple method. You can stop receiving iPhone calls (Disable iPhone Calls) on iPad and Mac.

How to Disable Calls on Other Apple Devices from iPhone

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone → Scroll down and tap on Phone.

Tap on Settings Then Phone on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on Calls on Other Devices.

Tap on Calls on Other Devices in Phone App Settings

On the screen, you can see two options: either you can turn off all nearby devices or you can toggle off other devices one by one. It’s your choice; if you go for the first option, all your nearby devices will be disabled, or if you choose either your Mac or iPad, one of the two will stop receiving calls.

Disable Receiving iPhone Calls on Other Apple Devices

Apart from iPhone, there are other two devices from where you can disable irritating calls. You can either select Mac or iPad to get rid of those annoying phone calls ringing on three devices simultaneously.

How to Disable Calls on iPad

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPad → Now tap on FaceTime app → On FaceTime screen, toggle iPhone Cellular Calls OFF.

Disable iPhone Calls on iPad

How to Stop Receiving iPhone Calls on Mac

Step #1. Open FaceTime app from Applications folder or from the Dock.

Step #2. Now click on FaceTime menu.

Step #3. Click on Preferences.

Click on Facetime Preferences on Mac

Step #4. On Preference dialog box, uncheck iPhone Cellular Calls check box.

Stop Receiving iPhone Calls on Mac

Step #5. Now come out of FaceTime app and have fun.

You will no longer receive pestering calls on Mac.

This is so easy! Now receive your calls only on iPhone and no other Apple devices.

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