How to Disable Link Preview on iPhone and iPad

How to Disable Link Preview in Safari on iPhone and iPad in iOS 13

iOS 13 has polished Safari in many ways. Now Safari has a download panel where all your downloads are listed. iOS 13 has also added the option to hide the bottom toolbar while you are scrolling and many such small but significant changes. Now, most of these are being loved by the users.

However, one feature that is receiving mixed feedback is the Link Preview in Safari on iPhone and iPad running this new iOS 13. Some have no problem with this, while others think it would be better if they could just disable it.

Look no further as here in this post I am telling you the steps to disable link preview in Safari in iOS 13 on your iPhone and iPad. Let us get right into it.

Step #1. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 13.

Open Safari on your iPhoneStep #2. Now go to any webpage having a hyperlink. Or here is a link for you. Touch and hold this link for a second or two. Now you will see the preview of this link.

Open Webpage and Touch hold Hyperlink to Disable Link Preview in iOS 13Step #3. Tap on the tiny Hide Preview at the top right.

Tap on Hide Preview to Disable Link Preview in Safari in iOS 13That was it!

To check, touch and hold the above link again. You won’t see the page preview. Now you will only see the page link and the action sheet below it.

Also, if at any point you decide you want to see the Preview, just tap on ‘Tap to show preview’.

Running iOS 13 version prior to iOS 13.2?

There is nothing more to this tutorial. However, if your iPhone or iPad is on any iOS 13 version released prior to iOS 13.2, the Hide Preview link is named as Hide Link Previews and is shown on the pop-up action sheet. Clicking on this will do the job. See the screenshot below.

Tap on Hide Link Previews to Disable iOS 13 Safari Link Preview on iPhoneWrapping up…

So this was how you can turn off Link Preview in Safari in iOS 13 on iPhone and iPad. After turning this off whenever you touch and hold a link, you will feel that the options show up a bit quicker. Now in case you want to visit the page when you are on the action sheet, simply click on the link, and you will be taken to that page.

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