You probably know that you can turn off the read receipts in iMessage. What this does is prevents anyone from knowing if you've read their iMessage. It just shows the plain old Delivered and that's about it.

But if you start typing and they're on the screen, you're in trouble: there's the typing ellipses that shows up (…) as shown in the image above. That is a dead giveaway that you're there, that you've read the message and you're replying.

I don't really see a reason why you'd want to hide that thing if you're replying anyway but just in case you don't want that thing to appear and make iMessage as much similar to text messages, there's a tweak that can help you do that.

Disable iMessage Typing Notification on iPhone

It's called TypingPrivacy Cydia tweak and it's available on the BigBoss repo.

TypingPrivacy works in a simple way. It adds a ‘Send Typing Notifications' switch that can be toggled ON or OFF. This allows/disallows others from knowing when you type / reply to an iMessage. The toggle works pretty much similar to the Send Read Receipts toggle.

How to Turn Off iMessage Typing Notification on iPhone:

  • Open Cydia
  • Search for TypingPrivacy
  • Purchase the tweak from BigBoss.
  • Once installed, there's no settings to tweak from Settings
  • But under Messages in Settings, you'll have a new toggle. Send Typing NotificationsSend iMessage Typing Notification
  • You can turn this off or on based on your need. Turning it off switches off the typing notification prompts that the other person gets when you type the iMessage.

If you think that the typing prompts are actually a little privacy-intrusive, I guess you'd find that this app is worth purchasing. At a time when a ton of tweaks like these go for free, it would sound a little odd that the tweak costs $0.99 but it's worth it. TypingPrivacy comes with complete integration/support for biteSMS, IntelliScreenX and Messages+.

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  • Johan Liebert

    Crashes Settings app immediately after tapping and crashes iMessage when you start typing.