The interface of iOS 7.x, according to Jony Ive, consists of layers, one stacked over the other. That’s why the translucent, gaussian blur effect under the Notification Center and the Control Center.

Most people are okay with it, some like it very much, but if you prefer a bland background that enhances the contrast, iOS 7.x’s accessibility has some toggles in store for you.

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How to Increase Contrast and Reduce Whiteness of iOS 7.1

Under Accessibility, there’s a toggle called Increase Contrast. Turning this on will turn off the transparent effect in Notification Center and the Control Center. You’ll also notice that it turns off the transparency in the folders.

Here’s how to increase contrast:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap on General
  • Then, tap on Accessibility
  • Tap on Increase Contrast
  • Toggle the switch for Reduce Transparency to ON

Increase Contrast in iOS 7.1

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Arguably, this sometimes looks ugly. But it increases contrast. If you’re using your iPhone under intense daylight, you might find that the layer effects and the guassian blur effects don’t really hold good. And that’s where the increase contrast feature comes in handy.

The Reduce Transparency affects three places: the Notification Center, the Control Center and the folder backgrounds. All the guassian blur background layers are gone.

Disable Transparency and Blur Effects in Notification Center in iOS 7.1

There are two more toggles within Increase Contrast which can be used to increase the legibility of colors and reduce the whiteness of iOS 7.1.

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Disable Blur Effects, Increase Contrast and Reduce Whiteness iOS 7.1

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The Darken Colors toggle just darkens the tint on the interface elements. And the Reduce White Point toggle, when switched on, will change the color of the general white background in iOS 7.1 to something less “white”. This comes in handy: I used to reduce the brightness all the way down just to reduce the impact of the all-white backgrounds.