When there are pending app updates – and you’ve disabled auto-update because that thing sometimes sucks – you will see badge notification on the app store. Yes, that blaring red circle above the app store icon that tells you how many apps need to be updated.

Apple actually let you disable badge notifications a long time back, even before iOS 6. But seeing as it is that we’ve not covered this simple little how-to, and knowing that a lot of people who are new to iOS / iPhone ecosystem are asking about it, here’s the tutorial.

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How to Disable App Store Badget Icon in iOS 7-x

Disable App Store Badge Icon for the Annoying App updates in iOS 7.x

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap on Notification Center
  • Tap on App Store
  • Turn off the switch for Badge App Icon

Disable App Store Badge Icon for the Annoying App updates in iOS 7-x

Head back to your home-screen and you’ll notice that the badge app is gone.

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This doesn’t mean the updates are gone though. Note that the app updates will still be shown when you open App Store and tap on the Updates menu.

You’ll not see the update badge if your apps are up-to-date: which can happen if you update them manually or if you have Auto-update turned on.

Speaking about the badge icons, these can be turned off for almost all the apps that you have on your iPhone. The process is very similar: Settings → Notification Center → tap on the app you want to turn off badges for and turn off the Badge App Icon switch.

If you are on a limited data plan, it makes sense to turn off automatic app updates. You can either completely turn off auto-updates or you can just prevent apps from being updated when on cellular. The switch for this is the Use Cellular/Mobile Data found under Settings → iTunes & App Store.

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