How to Disable Animations in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad

If you are a pro-user and don’t want to entertain animations on your iPhone/iPad screen, follow the tutorial and find a strange solution.

By reading the title, don’t get misled that we are talking about animations for kids. What we want to talk about here are all those effects your iPhone reflect when you tap any app, switch apps, close apps or do anything on your iPhone. If you are an avid user of iPhone and iPad, you must have noticed that particular effect, which causes zoom or fly impact on the screen.

Pro-users would never like such childish thing on their iPhones, and therefore, they would immediately go to Settings and disable animations on iOS 9 with a bug. Now you must wonder why a bug can fix an issue rather than creation one? Well, this is iPhone and its technology is as mysterious as the mediaeval maze.

How to Disable Animations in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad

Now let’s find out how you can get rid of those animations on your iOS devices with a bug.

How to Disable Animations in iOS 9 on iPhone/iPad with a Bug

Step #1. Launch Settings app on iPhone/iPad → Tap on General.

Tap on Settings Then General on iDevices

Step #2. Tap on Accessibility.

Tap on Accessibility in iOS 9 on iPhone

Step #3. Tap on AssistiveTouch.

Tap on AssistiveTouch in iPhone Settings

Step #4. Now toggle Assistive Touch ON.

Enable Assistive Touch on iPhone

You can see that faded round button on your iPhone/iPad screen. Now go to Home screen and drag that Assistive Touch button down to the right corner of the screen.

Next, pull down the Home screen to invoke Spotlight Search; make sure you don’t launch Spotlight Search with a right-to-left swipe on your iOS 9-enabled device. Once, the Spotlight Search opens, quickly tap on the blank space to close it. Follow this process for two-three times on your iOS device until the bug starts working.

Open Spotlight on iPhone by Pull Down The Screen

Though this looks quite strange to follow on your iPhone or iPad, it works efficiently, and therefore, you should go for this trick. Now you can tap open any app: for example, open Settings app. You can notice that it quickly begins without any delay.

Ideally, you should use Reduce Motion option to solve the issue, but this trick gives better results. Perhaps this is a bug every pro-user wish Apple doesn’t fix!

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