How To Disable Ad Tracking in iOS 8 on iPhone/iPad

If you don’t want developers/advertisers to track your iPhone/iPad in iOS 8 through IDFA or IFA (Identifier For Advertisers) in order to send you ads in accordance with your usage, there is a way to stop it. Here is how you can do so easily.

Apple first brought this Limit Ad Tracking in iOS 6. Though it remained with iOS 7 as well, its place was changed from General to Privacy. If you have used iOS 7, you would most probably be already knowing how to Limit Ad Tracking as all the steps are same in iOS 8.

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This is just the refresh of the entire process. For the folks who are new to the Apple’s operating system, it is a way to keep them informed. Let’s move ahead with the process!

Step #1. Launch Settings

Step #2. Tap on Privacy

Step #3. Scroll down and tap on Advertising

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Limit Ad Tracking in iOS 8

Step #4. Toggle on Limit Ad Tracking

Limit Ad Tracking in iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad

That’s done! Now, your iPhone/iPad would no longer be tracked.

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Your iPhone/iPad is anonymously tracked. It is quite safe since the main purpose of it is to send you ads on the basis of your usage (what you click and what you don’t). And, it is also a way for developers/advertisers to make money. So, you can say it serves the interest of all the parties involved.

As you know that Apple takes privacy issue very seriously, the entire tracking thing is done safely. Therefore, it is needless to worry about it.

Google does the same thing with your account. It is just the way the world goes. In short, it is for the benefits of everyone involved. However, depending on your interest or need, you have the complete freedom to be the king of your choice. That’s as simple as that!

In case, you want developers/ advertisers to serve ads in keeping with your use, you can reset ad tracking by following all the above mentioned steps and then in the end—Tap on Reset Advertising Identifier and Tap on Reset Identifier.

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Remember, Limit Ad Tracking doesn’t prevent ads from showing up in apps or games you use/play. If you want to stop them from showing up, here is how you can easily do so.

Step #1. Launch Settings

Step #2. Tap on WiFi and turn it off

Step #3. Go back to Settings again

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Step #4. Tap on Mobile in iPhone/ Tap on Cellular Data in iPad

Step #5. Turn off Mobile Data in iPhone/ Turn off Cellular Data in iPad

You are done!

There is another way to stop ads from popping up in apps or games you use. Though it is fairly easy, it will disallow you to make or receive calls. However, if you want at the expense of it, you can do so by just turning on Airplane Mode.

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Step #1. Swipe up the screen from bottom to bring Control Centre.

Step #2. Tap on Airplane Mode icon in order to switch it on.

That’s all there is with it!

Dhvanesh Adhiya
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