How to Disable Activation Lock on Apple Watch

There are times when you may have to turn off Activation Lock on your Apple Watch; especially when you are selling your device or even giving it for repair. Read on to know how you can remove the smartwatch from Find My iPhone.

“Find My iPhone” features Activation Lock that offers an additional safeguard to your Apple Watch by preventing others from using it. When this security feature is enabled, anyone who tries to unpair your smartwatch, pair the wearable device with a new iPhone or turn off Find My iPhone will have to enter your Apple ID and password. In some cases like when you are selling your device, you need to turn off Activation Lock on your Apple Watch.

There are two ways you can disable Activation Lock on your watchOS. Read on to find out how it’s done the right way!

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How to Turn off Activation Lock on your Apple Watch

Unpair your Apple Watch from iPhone

For those unfamiliar, watchOS 2 or later supports Activation Lock. When you set up Find My iPhone on your paired device, it is automatically enabled on the smartwatch. You can simply unpair the watch from your iOS device to disable it. To do so, head over here.

How to Disable Apple Watch Activation Lock Using iCloud

What if you don’t have the paired iPhone with you? No problem, you can still turn off Activation Lock using iCloud.

Step #1. Open any web browser on your computer and go to

Step #2. Now, sign in with your Apple ID and password.

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Step #3. Next, click on Find My iPhone.

Click on Find iPhone in iCloud

Step #4. Next up, click on All Devices and select Apple Watch.

Click on Apple Watch in iCloud Device List

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Step #5. Up next, click on Erase Apple Watch.

Click on Erase Apple Watch from iCloud

Step #6. Click on Erase again, in some cases, click on “X” next to the watch.

Click on Erase Again in iCloud

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Step #7. Enter your Apple ID Password.

Disable Activation Lock on Apple Watch

That’s done!

If you ever wish to re-enable this security feature, all you have to do is pair the Apple Watch with your iPhone.

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To check if it’s enabled on your watch,

Step #1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone → Tap on My Watch tab from the bottom → Tap on Apple Watch icon.

Tap on My Watch Tab then Tap on Watch Icon on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on the info button to the right of your Apple Watch → Find My Apple Watch.

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Tap on i Icon and Tap on Find My Apple Watch on iPhone

Step #3. Enter your Apple ID Password and tap on Sign in. Now, If you see your Apple Watch in the Find My iPhone app, Activation Lock is Enabled on your Apple Watch.

Use Find My Apple Watch on iPhone

That’s all folks!

Wrapping up:

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