How to Delete WhatsApp Group Chats on iPhone Without Leaving Group

Group messaging in WhatsApp is a fun-loving act. Users have a great time chatting with their friends or loved ones through text, emotive images or peculiar videos.

The best thing about group chat is that you are able to chat with many people simultaneously. Your message goes across all the friends in the group and is appreciated, liked. Everyone knows what’s happening in the group and remain updated about one another.

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What if you want to clear WhatsApp Group messages on iPhone as you no longer want them or just wish to clean up the entire conversation threads for any personal reason, how would you do it without leaving the group? Some new WhatsApp users may think that it’s not possible to remove all the group chats without leaving the group. But contrary to their belief, it’s pretty easy to do away with them at once. Here is how you can do it in a quick time.

How to Delete WhatsApp Group Chats on iPhone Without Leaving Group

Step #1. Launch WhatsApp.

Step #2. Tap on Chats from the bottom.

Tap On Chat in WhatApp iPhone App

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#Step #3. Next up, tap on WhatsApp group which chats you want to remove.

WhatsApp Group on iPhone

Step #4. Now, you will have the access to the conversation thread. Scroll up until you find Edit and tap on it.

Tap on Edit in WhatsApp Group Chat

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Step #5. Tap on Delete All from the top left corner.

Delete Chat from WhatsApp Group

(If you want to delete an individual group message, just tap on the specific message and then tap on Delete button from the bottom right corner.)

Step #6. Tap on Clear Chat from the bottom to confirm.

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Tap on Clear Chat in WhatsApp on iPhone

That’s it!

There is another way of clearing the group chat at one go. Guess what, it’s a lot easier. Check it out.

Step #1. Launch WhatsApp.

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Step #2. Tap on Chats from the bottom.

Step #3. Swipe left on the WhatsApp group to bring two options—More and Exit.

If you tap on Exit, you will be able to leave the group.

Tap on More and then tap on Clear Chat from the bottom to remove group chat.

Tap on More in WhatsApp Group on iPhone

Tap on Clear Chat in WhatsApp

That’s all.

Watch out this video to know how to delete WhatsApp group messages:

The entire group chats have been removed. You can repeat any of the two mentioned processes to get rid of more group chats.

That’s all for now!

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