How to Delete Apple Watch Built-In Apps in WatchOS 6

Apple has decided to introduce more customizations in its smartwatch. Now, with watchOS 6 on Apple Watch, users can delete some built-in apps that were unremovable in previous operating systems.

Apple knows what is crucial for us and what is not. After years of research, the tech giant has got enough understanding of human nature. Here, a case in point is Apple Watch. From its first series to the latest Series 4, this smartwatch has seen many advancements. From a fashion statement to the statement of your ECG, Apple Watch is getting smarter every year.

So when the engineers come to know people don’t want to use some stock apps, they decided which apps are less important. For the first time, watchOS 6 enables users to delete stock apps on Apple Watch apart from third-party apps.

How to Remove Stock Apps from Apple Watch running watchOS 6

Removing built-in apps brings smiles on the faces of Apple users. The company had already experienced this when it decided to allow users to delete default Apple apps from iPhone in iOS 10. Apple then retained this feature in its following software update, i.e., iOS 11.

But why does Apple let users manage the watch face? Well, Apple may have their reasons, but I have noticed some benefits of erasing built-in Apple Watch apps in watchOS 6. To delete Apple Watch stock apps, the Watch owner can press and hold the stock app then hit the “X” to remove it.

My WatchFace Becomes Clutter-Free

I know that developer beta doesn’t have this facility to get rid of the default Apple Watch apps. I will have to wait until Apple releases a public beta. But I am pretty much excited to remove some apps that I don’t use on my Apple Watch:

  • Walkie-Talkie
  • ECG
  • Camera Remote
  • Stopwatch
  • Timer
  • Cycle Tracking
  • Radio
  • Alarm
  • Remote
  • Breathe

With nearly ten apps get removed, my watch face becomes clutter-free. I have noticed that when there are too many apps on my Apple Watch, I have to switch to grid view even as I like to see apps in cluster view. Fewer apps mean I can quickly open any app from the cluster view.

More Third-Party Apps on my Apple Watch

Yes, this is an excellent benefit of discarding default watch apps. As happens on the iPhone and iPad, some of the third-party substitutes perform better on Apple Watch as well. For example, people like to use Apple Watch alarm apps and not the default Alarm.

Battery Consumption

Low Battery is another significant issue people face. With more apps, Apple Watch consumes more battery to open and run those apps. I have removed Bear, Brainspeaker, Flipboard, JioMusic, Lens, OlaCabs, Telegram, Uber, and WWDC apps from my Apple Watch, and I found significant battery boost.

Which Built-in Apps You Can’t Delete?

Apple cares for your health, and therefore, it does not allow you to delete iMessage and Heart Rate apps from your Apple Watch. Even after releasing a public beta, Apple won’t let you remove the two apps from your smartwatch.

Reinstall Deleted Stock Apps from the App Store in watchOS 6

Since Apple offers you this facility of erasing default apps, there should be a way of reinstalling those apps. You will be able to download some default apps from the App Store. From the Watch app on your paired iPhone, go to the App Store and download or reinstall the deleted apps on your Apple Watch.

That’s all friends!

Wrapping up…

TechCrunch notes that “Users can opt to remove many of the built-in apps from their iPhone, which also then removes its Apple Watch counterpart. But the dedicated watch apps (like Timer or Radio) couldn’t be removed from the Watch because they had no iOS counterpart to uninstall. That will change with the launch of watchOS 6 due out later this fall.”

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