Unable to Delete Songs in the Music App: Here’s How to Fix This

Want to get rid of your downloaded songs in the Music app? If you are unable to delete songs in the Music app, here is how to remove songs in the Music app on your iPhone and iPad.

Apple has improved its Music app a lot. iOS 10 has seen a lot of welcome changes in Apple Music. And in the subsequent software releases, Apple continued its efforts to make the Music app more powerful and user-friendly. However, one change, which has failed to garner the appreciation of users is their inability to delete songs in the Music app.

Nobody can delete songs in the Music app from the app itself. Earlier it was easy for users to remove downloaded songs from Apple Music and music library. Now, users don’t find any option on the Music app to delete any downloaded songs or albums from iPhone or iPad. Well, In this article, we’ll guide you how you can easily delete all locally-stored music from your iOS device.

How to Delete Music from iPhone and iPad with Ease

Those who have iTunes Match enabled can follow this tutorial to delete music from iPhone. However, not everybody loves to use iTunes Match. For such users, Apple offers a secure method to get rid of downloaded music from iPhone.

Step #1. First off, Open Settings on your iPhone → Tap on Music.

Open Settings on iPhone and Tap on MusicStep #2. Below the DOWNLOADS section, you will find Downloaded Music; tap on it.

Tap on Downloaded Music in Music Settings on iPhoneStep #3. Here, you can see your downloaded music; there will be albums and other songs.

Your entire music library is divided into two sections: MUSIC and ARTISTS.

Step #4. To delete all your downloaded songs/albums, tap on Edit button from the top right corner.

Step #5. A red dot will appear before the MUSIC and ARTISTS.

Step #6. You can tap on the Delete button in front of the artists you want to delete songs of.

Delete All Music from iPhone and iPad

Alternatively, before hitting the Edit button, tap on each Song and then delete specific songs from the list.

Delete Specific Song from iPhone and iPad

That’s all folks!

Signing off…

You have successfully deleted songs from your Music app on your iPhone. Since Apple keeps updating its Music app with the latest albums and artists, it becomes imperative for users to delete old songs to make room for the new ones.

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