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iOS 9 has got many new features like Wi-Fi Assist, email attachment from Cloud drive and many more. But along with these new features, there are some of them that are an unnecessary burden. One of such is the improved Photos app.

Photos app has got two new folders: Selfie and Screenshots. When you capture any picture using front iSight camera, it saves in Selfie folder by default. While Screenshots contains all the pictures you take of your device by pressing Sleep / Wake button along with Home button.

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How to Delete Selfie and Screenshots Folder on iPhone

People like me tend to manage their stuff on their own. I do not like iOS to decide how I manage my pictures. So if you are like me and trying to get rid of these two folders, then there's a trick which helps. Though it is not a permanent solution, instead it's the only solution.

How to Delete Selfie and Screenshots Folder on iPhone/iPad in iOS 9

Step #1. Open the Photos app from home screen.

Step #2. Tap on Albums at bottom-right corner and then tap the “+” sign located on top-left side of your screen, this will create a new folder.

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Tap on Plus Sign on iPhone Photo Album

Step #3. Name the folder whatever your wish to.

Create New Folder in iPhone Photos App

Step #4. Now go back to Selfie folder, tap on Select located on top-right of your screen.

Tap Select in iPhone Selfie Album

Step #5. Select all the pictures from folder and tap on “Add To” at bottom.

Tap on Add to Button in iPhone Photos App

Step #6. Now tap on the folder you created.

Tap on Album in iPhone Photos App

Step #7. Now again go back to Selfie folder, select all pictures and delete.

Repeat the same process with Screenshots folder.

Once you do it, both the Selfie and Screenshots folder will be emptied and thus, will disappear from Photos app. But as said earlier, this is a temporary fix; as soon as you click a picture with iSight or capture a screenshot, both the folders will re-appear in the Photos app.

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If you come across any other trick, do share with us in comments. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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