The default Mail app in OS X helps you manage your email. You can plug in any of your email accounts to the Mail app (iCloud, Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo etc.). If, for some reason, you want to delete an email account from your Mac OS X, it’s easier than adding one.

Here’s how to delete your email account on your Mac OS X. Note that you will lose all email cache from your machine (but it’s safe on the email server so you don’t have to worry about data loss.)

How to Delete Email Account from Mac's Mail App

Removing Email Account from Mac OS X Mail:

Method One

Step #1. Open the Mail app.

Step #2. Click on Mail from the top menu.

Step #3. Now, click on Preferences.

Mail Preferences on Mac

Step #4. On the sidebar/left-pane click on the email account you want to remove.

Step #5. Now, click on the “-” from the bottom.

Click on Email Account You Want to Remove from Mac Mail App

Step #6. Confirm the deletion by clicking on OK.

Method Two

Step #1. Open System Preferences (Apple menu -> Preferences or click the System Preferences icon on the dock)

Step #2. Click on Internet Accounts

Click on Internet Accounts from Mac Preferences

Step #3. Select the email account you want to delete

Step #4. Press the “-” button at the bottom

Step #5. Confirm the deletion by clicking OK.

People usually clear out their email accounts for a couple of reasons: either the cache gets too big or their email accounts stop working on the Mac.

Deleting an email account only removes email cache. Attachments that you downloaded/saved to your local disk will be retained even if you delete the associated account. But if you have associated the email account to other apps like the Calendar or Reminders, you should note that you’ll lose those information.

You can re-add the same email account through System Preferences → Internet Accounts (or just by opening the Mail app, and then Mail → Accounts). This method is useful when all you want to do is clear all email cache associated with an account.

  • David

    did you know that this doesn’t work if you have more than 8 mail accounts? the Accounts list only shows 8 email accounts so you have to delete accounts just to see the account your looking for. Amazing Apple must not have tested it with more than 8 accounts…