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How to Delete a Picture or Video from iPhone Messages App

How to Delete a Picture or Video from Messages on iPhone or iPad

In the latest version of iOS 9, Messages app has been revamped heavily; Apple has changed some of its functionality as well. Some users were flabbergasted to see that delete option is clearly removed from the latest iOS version. However, it’s not a fact.

Now let’s get started on how users can remove pictures and videos from Messages in their iOS 9 devices. For this, users don’t have to remove entire message conversation on their devices. Users can pick individual picture or video and delete them one after another; don’t disturb rest of the conversation or pictures or videos.

How to Delete a Picture/Video from Messages on iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Launch your Messages app.

Open Message App on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on any message that contains multiple Pictures or Videos.

Open Message That Contains Photo or Video on iPhone

Step #3. Now press and hold that picture/video with finger.

A pop-up menu will appear on the iPhone’s screen with four different options: Copy, Speak, Save, and More.

Step #4. Tap on More option.

Tap on More in Message that Contains Photo or Video

Step #5. Tap on Delete → Select the picture/video you want to delete → Tap on the trash icon.

Delete Photo or Video from iPhone Message

A menu will swipe up with one option: Delete Message.

Step #6. Tap on Delete Message.

Tap Delete Message in iPhone

That particular picture or video will be deleted instantly; remaining pictures or videos will remain there in the thread.

Now, let’s check how users can delete multiple videos and pictures from the Messages app. Not all users own iPhone with 64GB or 128GB memory; and therefore, deleting unnecessary content is the only way to make some space for essential. Normally, pictures and videos occupy larger space given the size of the content.

How to Delete Multiple Photos and Videos from Messages app on iPhone/iPad

Step #1. Launch Messages app.

Step #2. Select and tap on a particular thread, wherein more pictures or videos are saved.

Step #3. Now press and hold any picture/video with your finger.

Again, a pop-up menu will appear on the iPhone’s screen with four options: Copy, Speak, Save, and More.

Step #4. Tap on More.

Step #5. Now tap & check each circle before the image or video you want to delete → Once you tap that circle, it will turn blue with a check mark inside the circle → Tap on Trash icon.

Select Mulitple Videos & Photos in iPhone Message App

A menu will swipe up with an option: Delete (number) Messages. For example, if you have chosen two images/videos, it will ask: Delete 2 Messages.

Step #6. Tap on Delete Messages.

Delete Multiple Videos & Photos from iPhone Message App

All the selected images or videos will be deleted instantly.

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