How to Delete Photos and Albums from iCloud Photo Stream in iOS 7.x


iCloud Photo Streams in iOS 7 are a great way to share your photos with your friends. But it’s also a great way to share photos across all your devices. Apple designed the Photo Stream as a service that works like social networking but for a limited number of people in your circle.

While Photo Streams are iCloud-based, the photos are stored on your iPhone too. That’s for quick access. If you feel that there’s a ton of photos in the Photo Streams, and you want to delete photos or entire albums, it’s easy. It’s almost the same as deleting photos from your camera roll.

How to Delete Photos and Albums from iCloud Photo Stream on iPhone/iPad

Step #1. Open the Photos app.

Step #2. Tap on Shared.

Step #3. You will be shown an Activity page. Tap on Streams to go back to the albums.

Step #4. Now, tap on the album from which you want to delete the photos.

Step #5. Tap on Edit.

Step #6. Select photos you want to trash/delete.

Step #7. Tap on the trash icon on bottom-right.

And to delete entire photo stream albums from your iPhone:

Step #1. Open the Photos app.

Step #2. Tap on Shared and then on Streams to see an Album-view of the photo stream.

Step #3. Now, tap on Edit.

Step #4. Tap the ‘-‘ on the left of the album. Then on Delete.

There’s a thing about deleting photo streams from your iPhone. When you created a photo stream and then delete it, you are effectively removing the whole album with it. If in case this is a part of ‘My Photo Stream’, (which syncs photos to all your other devices that have the same iCloud ID), these photos/albums will be gone from all your other devices too.

Suppose someone shared a photo stream with you and you are deleting these photos/albums, then that won’t affect the originals/source. It will only remove it from your device.