Passbook is a convenient way of storying your payment and loyalty cards on your iPhone. Over the couple of iterations, Passbook has become a really handy app that allows users to quickly use their loyalty cards when they shop online.

But as with many things, once you start adding a lot of cards – some of which expire or change in the real world – clutter can get to Passbook somewhat quickly. If there’s a bunch of cards and all you see is a clutter-fill in the app, it’s time to remove some of them.

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How to Delete or Remove a Card from Passbook app on iPhone

How to Delete a Card from the Passbook App on iPhone

Step #1. Open the Passbook app.

Step #2. Tap on the card you wish to delete/remove.

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Step #3. When the card shows up, tap on the “i” icon on bottom-right of the card.

Step #4. Next up, tap on the “Delete” button on top-left of the screen.

Step #5. You will be asked to confirm the delete. Tap on Delete and your card should be gone.

Deleting a card is apparently easier than adding one. But remember that once you delete a card, that detail is lost forever from your iPhone / Passbook app. You will have to add all the details of a card if you accidentally deleted the wrong one.

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Most recently, with the introduction of Apple Pay, iOS now includes both Apple Pay and Passbook in the same app. That doesn’t mean you’ll end up with a clutter of cards in the app that might confuse you, but it’s just that you will have a unified way to access your loyalty and credit cards.