Your iPhone requires cleaning at regular interval; what is useless has to be deleted to save some space. Frequent spring-cleaning is necessary for the good health of your iPhone. While you are removing the junk from every nook and corner of your phone, Contacts should not be left behind in this cleaning exercise.

Every year, we pile up many contacts on our phone book and the next year, we might cut ties with those short-term contacts. This compels us to delete such names and numbers from our contact list. If you remove such contacts one by one, it will take hell lot of time. So how would you delete multiple contacts from your iPhone?

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How to Delete Multiple iPhone Contacts from iCloud

Well, your iCloud account can help you now. Unlike Android phones, from where you can easily select and delete more than one contacts, iOS devices offer no simple method to delete multiple contacts; unless you have synced your iOS devices on iCloud. We assume that you have already synced your iPhone with iCloud.

Before you start deleting multiple contacts, toggle your iCloud Backup on.

Steps to Toggle iCloud Backup ON

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Step #1. Launch Settings on your iPhone → Tap on iCloud.

Tap on Settings Then iCloud

Step #2. Scroll down to Backup next to Passbook → Tap on Backup.

Enable iCloud Backup from iPhone

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Step #3. Now toggle iCloud Backup ON.

Turn On iCloud Backup from iPhone

Please note that the Backup process may take 3 to 4 hours. You need Wi-Fi network for this Backup process.

How to Delete Multiple Contacts from iPhone/iPad using iCloud

Step #1: Log on to iCloud.

Sign In to iCloud with Apple ID

Step #2: Click on Contacts.

Click on Contacts in iCloud

Step #3: If you are using Mac, hold Command button and then click on each contact you want to remove. If you are using Windows PC, click on each contact while holding the Control (Ctrl) button (This will allow you to select multiple contacts.)

Select Contacts you Wish to Delete

Step #4: Now, either press Delete button on keyboard or click on Show Actions Menu (gear icon) located on the bottom left.

Click on Settings Icon in iCloud

Step #5: Click on Delete.

Click on Delete in iCloud Contacts

The changes will be reflected as long as Contacts syncing is enabled.

Watch out how to delete multiple contacts in iCloud:

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