How to Delete Multiple iMessage Attachments At Once from iPhone

Bulk remove all of your iMessage attachments at one shot from your iPhone to not just make the app clutter-free but also retrieve some space. Frankly speaking, cleaning up the Messages app for iOS had never been so straightforward before!

One of the simplest ways you can prevent Messages app from hogging a lot of space on your iPhone is by removing all the unnecessary media on a frequent basis. Unlike before, you can review and bulk delete photos at one go in iMessage in iOS 11 or later.

Haven’t cleaned up your Messages app for a while? I guess it may have consumed plenty of space on your device. Hence, it would be better to keep the emotion in check and clear out multiple iMessage attachments at once from iPhone.

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How to Delete Multiple Images in iMessage At Once to Free Up Space

Step #1. Launch Settings appGeneral on your iOS device.

Tap on Settings then General on iPhone or iPad

Step #2. Now, tap on iPhone/iPad Storage.

Tap on iPhone Storage in iOS 11 Settings

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Step #3. Next, scroll down, locate the Messages app and tap on it.

Tap on Messages app Under iOS 11 iPhone Storage

Step #4. Under Documents & Data, tap on the respective section like Conversations, Photos, Videos or GIFs and stickers. Check out the Other, you can get rid of it as well.

Tap on respective section like Photos Under Documents & Data in iOS 11

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Step #4. Next up, tap on the Edit button at the right corner.

Tap on Edit Under iOS 11 Messages Storage

Step #5. Up next, select the items you want to delete and then hit the trash button.

Select the item and Tap on trash button to remove Photo in iMessage

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Note: Even after you have deleted the unwanted items, you may not notice any change in the amount of storage consumed by a particular section. To bring the change into the effect, simply force quit the app and return here. You will now see the change.

That’s pretty much it!

Keep the unnecessary files at bay:

Use this simple trick to never let the unwanted media make a huge pileup. It can go a long way in keeping your iPhone clutter-free. Moreover, it can also play a good role in making the app run a bit smoothly.

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