If you have a lot of useless apps installed on your iPhone or iPad, deleting them individually can become exceptionally repetitive and a time consuming task. As a conventional way, you have to confirm the deletion of each app. However, the approach changes with MultiDelete, which lets you delete all apps  at one go.

If you need a quick and hassle free way to clean up your iPhone’s SpringBoard, then a recently released tweak called MultiDelete is the right way to go. With MultiDelete installed, you get to select all the apps that you want to remove, and then you can delete them with a single tap.

How to Delete Multiple Apps Simultaneously on iPhoneHere’s a rundown of the steps involved to help you get started with MultiDelete.

How to Delete Multiple Apps iPhone and iPad using MultiDelete

Step #1. Install MultiDelete, which is available for free on the Cydia BigBoss repository.

Step #2. Once installed, you’ll find a new preference panel in the stock Settings app.

MultiDelete Cydia Tweak SettingsStep #3. Enable the tweak.

Step #4. Inside the preference panel, there’s an option to perform a respring. After configuring MultiDelete each time, you’ll need to perform respring.

Enable MultiDelete Cydia TweakStep #5. Tap and hold on any app icon on the Home screen to place your iPhone into wiggle mode.

Step #6. Instead of tapping ‘X’ to delete an app, tap on the middle of an app to mark it for deletion.

Delete Multiple Apps on iPhone and iPadStep #7. Mark all the apps which need to be deleted.

Step #8. Now tap the ‘X’ button in the upper left-hand corner of any app.

Step #9. Confirm the deletion of all the apps.

Confirm Muliple Apps Deletion on iPhoneNo doubt, this tweak will become useless if you’re going to delete just one app. However, I can see it saving your 1 second in future if you wish to delete multiple apps simultaneously. What do you think of it? Do provide your inputs in the comments.