How to Remove iOS 11 Beta Profile from iPhone or iPad and Install Official iOS 11 Version

You will require deleting iOS 11 beta profile to install official iOS 11 on your iPhone and iPad. Go through this quick guide to get it done the right way!


Apple has officially rolled out iOS 11. Considering how feature-rich the latest iOS ecosystem is, many of you would want to launch onto it to take the full advantage of those new features. If you had already been using iOS 11 dev/public beta, there are two ways you can update your iPhone and iPad to the official version of iOS 11.

While one way is to get it done right from your iOS device, the other way is to do it via iTunes on Mac or Windows PC. Let’s find out how it works.

How to Delete iOS 11 Beta Profile and Install Official iOS 11 Version

How to Delete iOS 11 Beta Profile from iPhone or iPad and Install Official Version

Note: If you hadn’t been using the beta, simply open Settings app on your compatible device → General → Software Update → Download and Install the software. But before doing it make sure to back up your device.

Step #1. Launch the Settings app on your iOS device → Tap General.

Tap on Settings Then General

Step #2. Tap Profile.

Tap on Profile in iOS 11 Settings on iPhone

Step #3. Tap on iOS Beta Software Profile Remove Profile.

Tap on iOS Beta Profile then Tap on Remove Profile in iOS 11

Step #4. Now, enter your passcode if prompted and tap Remove.

Delete iOS 11 Beta Profile form iPhone

Step #5. Turn off your device by holding down the On/Off button and then slide to power off.

Step #6. Restart your device by holding On/Off button.

Step #7. Once your device has restarted, open Settings app → General → Software Update → Download and Install the software.

How to Update from iOS 11 Beta to Official iOS 11 Version Via iTunes on Mac/Windows PC

Updating via iTunes is not so straightforward as you need to put your device into recovery mode. But if you aren’t able to jump over to the public version of the ecosystem from the beta on your iOS device, follow these steps.

Step #1. Make sure you have the latest iTunes installed on your computer. Then, connect your device to your computer.

Step #2. Now, you need to put your device in recovery mode. (Turn off your iOS device, then connect it to your computer → launch iTunes → press and hold both sleep/wake and Home buttons (on iPhone 7/7 Plus volume down button) at once → make sure not to release the buttons when you see the Apple logo. Keep holding both buttons until recovery mode screen appears.)

Step #3. Next, click on Update to download and install the non-beta version of iOS 11. Next, click Agree to agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Now, the public version of iOS 11 will be downloaded on your device.

Wrapping up

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