How to Delete iCloud Calendar Spam Invites without Alerting Spammers

Don't want to fall prey to spammers? Follow through these two quick solutions to get rid of the spam invites with attractive offers on cheap goods.

Beware… you could fall prey to enticing offers on cheap goods…! Spammers are always in the look out of the opportunity to either steal personal information or hack your entire device. Taking the advantage of the ongoing holiday season, they are out to turn your festivity into an inexplicable nightmare.

During this holiday season, a number of iCloud users have reported that they have received spam calendar event invitations. Lucrative offers for cheap goods have been found in personal iCloud calendars. Users are asked to respond to the invites three ways-Accept, Maybe, Decline. When you select any of the options, the spammer will get to know that the account is active and can be exploited.

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How to Delete iCloud Calendar Spam Invites

Don’t want to play in the hands of the spammers? Go through the guide to delete the spam invites easily; even without letting them know your action.

How to Block iCloud Calendar Spam Invites Without Alerting Spammers

Step #1. Go to Then, log in using your Apple ID and passwords.

Login to iCloud on Mac

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Step #2. Click on Calendar.

Click on Calendar in iCloud on Mac

Step #3. Next, you have to click on gear icon at the bottom left corner and select “Preferences” from the menu.

Click on Preferences in Calendar in iCloud on Mac

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Step #4. Now, click on “Advanced” section.Then, you need to select the circle button next to “Email to” under “Invitations.” Click on “Save” at the end.

Block iCloud Calendar Spam Invites

How to Delete Spam Invites in Calendar on iPhone and iPad

There is another way you can delete the spam invites. You can get rid of them right from the Calendar app on your iPhone. The spammers won’t be able to find out that you have cleaned up the malicious invites. However, you will have to carry out this process to remove them whenever you receive new invites.

Step #1. Launch Calendar app on your device. Tap on “Calendars” button from the bottom of the screen.

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Tap on Calendars Tab in iPhone

Step #2. Next, you need to tap on “Edit” at the top left corner and choose “Add Calendar.”

Add Calendar in iPhone

Step #3.  Now, you have to name the calendar as “Spam.” Then, tap on “Done” at the top right corner.

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Create Spam Folder in Calendar on iPhone

Step #4. Next up, move the spam invitations into the “Spam” calendar you have just created.

Move Calendar Invitation on iPhoneMove Calendar Invitation to Spam Folder on iPhone

Now, from the detailed view, tap on “Calendar.” Select the calendar you just created.

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Step #5. Next, you need to tap the “i” button next to the Spam calendar.

Tap on i Icon in Spam Folder on iPhone Calendar

Step #6. Finally, tap on “Delete Calendar” at the bottom of the screen menu.

Delete Calendar from iPhone

That’s it! The calendar and the spam invites have been deleted.

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