How to Delete Google Search Activity on iPhone, iPad, Android, or Computer

How to Delete Google Search History on iPhone, Android, and Computer

Following the calls from several quarters to offer more control over data and privacy, Google has introduced an easier way to review and delete search activity on iPhone, iPad, Android, and desktop.

With this new update coming into effect, you can now manage your Google search history without needing to bring your “Search” to a halt. From a user’s perspective, the change seems to be more straightforward. For instance, you can quickly glance through your recent activity and delete the last hour’s search activity or wipe out the entire browsing data. Plus, you will also be able to fine-tune your privacy and activity controls more conveniently.

Sticky note: The process of deleting the browsing data that includes the terms you search for, links you interact with, your device’s current location when you search the web, etc., is pretty much the same on iOS, Android, and the web. So, it doesn’t matter which device you are rocking; you will be able to get it done with ease.

How do I clear my Google Search History on iPhone, iPad, Android and Computer

Step #1. First off, head over to on your mobile device or computer. Ensure that you are signed into your account.

Head over to on iPhone, Android or Computer

Step #2. Now, tap on the menu button.

Tap on Menu button in Google Search browser on iPhone

Note: On your computer, click on Settings at the bottom right corner.

Click on Settings at the bottom right corner on Computer

Step #3. Next, tap on Your Data in Search.

Tap on Your Data in Search in Google Menu on iPhone

Step #4. Next up, you can check your most recent activity.

Under Delete your Search activity section, you have two options:

  • Delete last hour: It will let you remove the browsing history of the last hour
  • Delete all Search activity: It will clean up your entire search history
Google Search activity section on iPhone, Android or Computer

Hit any of the two options as per your need and then confirm.

Clear Google Search History on iPhone, Android, and Computer

That’s pretty much it!

On this very screen, you can find out more about how activity data makes search work, prevent Google from saving a recording of your voice and audio input, pause your web and app activity and more.

A Well-Thought-Out Implementation

I find this new implementation well thought out as it offers more control to users and allows them to manage their search data with ease. Hence, there seems to be more clarity on both the sides of the fence.

As we are talking about security and privacy, I would suggest you enable two-step verification for your Google account, if you haven’t already. Besides, do check out our comprehensive guide on strengthening the security of iPhone and iPad as well as setting up two-factor authentication for Apple ID.

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