How to Delete Digit(s) or Number(s) in Calculator App on iPhone

As there is no backspace or undo button, how do you delete digits/numbers in Calculator app on your iPhone? It's as easy as it can ever get!

Can’t find the backspace or undo button in calculator app on your iPhone? You are not alone to have been confounded by its conspicuous absence. The option to delete digits or numbers in Calculator app on iPhone is slightly under the wraps.

So while getting your math right, you mistakenly enter a few numbers and are searching for that handy undo button to quickly erase those unwanted digits. Here is how it’s done the easiest way!

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How to Delete Digit or Number in iPhone Calculator App

How to Undo Digit(s) or Number(s) in Calculator App on iPhone

  • This gesture supports only numerical keypad (0-9) as well as decimal point button.
  • You can’t use this gesture if you tap on any of the math operation buttons.

Step #1. Open Calculator app on your iPhone/iPad.

Step #2. Next, enter numbers.

Enter Digits in Calculator App on iPhone

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Step #3. Supposing you have mistakenly entered any digit and want to delete it, simply swipe left/right on the black display in order to remove the most recent digit.

Delete Digit or Number in iPhone Calculator App

Just in case you wish to erase all the numbers, continue to swipe left or right on the black display.

But what if you want to erase the numbers starting from the beginning? To do so, all you need to do is swipe right on the black display in order to remove the first number. If you want to remove more numbers, continue to swipe from the right.

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That’s done!

The Bottom Line

Even though there are numerous highly functional and feature-rich third-party calculator apps, I prefer to use the stock Calculator app on iPhone. Its simple UI and easy-to -use features impress me a lot.

What’s your take on Calculator app? Do you think that it would have been better had there been a backspace/undo button in it? Let us know your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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